Z Nation Season 1 Episode 1 Puppies and Kittens

Posted By CouchTuner On September 13, 2014






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  • Hans Gruber

    None of that would’ve happened if they just left that damned baby.

  • Michael Keeys

    OMG talk about bad. If this is any indication of what the tv season will be like we are all doomed!

  • hans-is-a-bit-ch

    stfu hans

  • Lester

    Stop taking this show seriously when i saw the scrawny guy, the immune guy is helping the black guy when the black guy left him for dead wtf.Why is the immune guy such a pussy when he is immune and was a prisoner.terrible fucking acting over all period.

    • Rod

      Being immune to the virus is small consolation as a group of zombies are munching on your intestines.

      • Dao Yang

        but he can risk getting bit while using a 3 inch butterfly knife fighting off a zombie or two. The other people need ranged weapons or at least something more than 16 inches to take down zombies. They can’t risk being bit.

    • Dao Yang

      To be honest, the Lieutenant’s acting was spot on. I enjoyed his acting, he was very soldier like. The national guard acts like any group leader. The Black bitch’s (She’s from Bernie Mac show) acting seems to think that acting like a crazy trigger happy asshole is scary. It’s not. DJ Qualls is a horrible actor, his only movie that i like is “The New Guy”. He was actually funny in that one.

  • Big Al

    Quite low budget and a lot of bad acting and scripting, but strangely enjoyable! Would recommend for anyone that isn’t looking for a big budget, realistic program. Just straight up b list bad ass shit! (Possibly Z list but who is counting!)

  • Rylan

    I like when the army guy said he heard about their camp from an ex cop camped up with his people at a prison… Walking dead reference? Also, can’t wait for the new season of TWD!

  • Simon Bourassa

    Come on guys, it was made by The Asylum, the guys behind Sharknado. What did you expect? Of course you will see ridiculous scenes with fake CGI like the baby scene and some realy cheezy lines. This is meant to be like that. It’s not trying to be the Walking Dead. Just appreciate it for what it is.

  • Alan Clark

    poor acting poor casting poor writing, just rubbish !

    • Alan Clark

      after the first 10 min i was thinking it might be a comedy

    • Dao Yang

      I heard after the pilot kicked off, it became funny. At least funnier than The Walking Dead.

  • Rod

    How is a helpless baby suddenly ambulatory when it is turned? Also, wouldn’t it be better to retreat to a fallback position and secure it and let help come to you since “the package” is so important? Traveling with this small group through a zombie wasteland with a vague idea of getting to a research facility in California is doomed to failure. The zombies change way too fast. What is up with these intelligent zombies laying in wait en masse. That takes planning and discipline and everyone would be dead if that’s what’s on the menu.

  • cosmic12343

    looks likethe zombies in this don’t have the same affliction the other zombies have… the gammy leg limp !!!

  • Rowan Gracey

    Something tells me that the scriptwriter REALLY likes the word ‘imperative’

  • assclown666

    ha! micheal the traitor from lost and that douche kyle who fucks the fat chick in road trip. this is lame, wish they’d stop squeezing the life out of the idea and just leave it to the walking dead

    • Dao Yang

      Honestly The Walking Dead spends too much time on different kinds of drama. love triangle with zombie theme, father son time with zombie theme, domestic issues with zombie theme, relations bonding with zombie theme. It’s basically got every essential element to a drama series/movie but with a zombie theme.

      Z Nation has a goal, which i guess is not a bad concept for a tv series. If only Syfy weren’t bitches to the FCC. They’re the epitome of network censorship.

  • Dao Yang

    why they kill off the Lieutenant for? Thought he was the main character? His character was more bold, authoritative, and threatening than any of those blue sky campers? What the fuck Syfy?

  • http://instagram.com/tromaria_presimparae Abygail van T

    Great, File was deleted -.-