Wayward Pines S01E05 The Truth

Posted By CouchTuner On June 12, 2015





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  • orsonhinds

    Mesmerizing. Brilliant.

  • Julie T

    This show is starting to irritate me. How do they go from ten episodes to six???

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      They just ran out of stuff to say I guess.

  • Hoid

    this tonny is fucking annoying.He has to be super fucking nice to this annoying self righteous bitch good lord.like she’s this special little rose.

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      Have a little empathy please.

  • Hoid

    ugh is that ocean water like really brown or is it just me.

    • Arkanis the uncircumcised

      yep! probably a major raw sewage outlet just up the beach.

  • Arkanis the uncircumcised

    Well I guess that’s it. He did it, and he paid, (is paying) the price. Also its good to see the other guilty party is getting his comeuppance, ain’t karma a bitch.