Vikings Season 3 Episode 3 Warrior’s Fate

Posted By CouchTuner On March 6, 2015





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  • CouchTuner
  • orsonhinds

    However many winters it lasts, this show will always be remembered as a game-changing classic. This and Black Sails. Monumental TV entertainment. The greatest.

  • Julie T

    I want to know if the sacrifice scene was real or not. I hope they didn’t hurt that poor cow.

    • disqus_LBZv5X2ji1

      I work as a grip on this show, and I can guarantee that that cow was sacrificed in the most humane way possible. Sure the cow cried because we made the calf watch, but it was totally worth it, after the sacrifice we had enough steaks and ribs to feed us for a few weeks

      • Julie T

        I genuinely hope you are full of shit.

        • Winchester

          U a dumb bitch ass nigga

          • Julie T

            As expected.

          • Winchester

            Yuss :D

    • Baphomet

      Are you kidding me? You know how many decades have passed since animals were harmed for television production? With organizations such as PETA putting a stop to it. I read your comment before watching the episode and thought it was ignorant. After watching the episode I then thought your comment was just plain stupid. I could understand if it showed a cow actually being decapitated and TV magic was so good it fooled you. But really? They don’t even show it. The camera cuts away, you don’t see the ax hit the cow, you don’t see the head fall off, you don’t see the body lay on the ground bleeding out. I understand you may be an empathetic person and watching such a scene may invoke emotions. But as an adult you are unable to use a moment of logic and discern from the scene that they didn’t have to harm an animal to show what they did? Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or understanding, stupid is the sheer resistance and a lack of effort to use login and rational thought. Which one described your mindset when writing your comment?