Vice Season 3 Episode 3

Posted By CouchTuner On March 22, 2015





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  • john smith

    This really dose show how fucking stupid american’s are they don’t realize it’s the guns that are causing problems and creating such a massive amount of hate for their own government will not change anything just ruin their country. look at all the country with strict gun law’s you dont have gangsters runing the streets and shooting up schools no they are normal people living in a happy environment

    • joe

      You Mut realize this was done with a left bias, and infact most of these radically right are actually libertarian centrists. the reason why they are doing this is because the government is making it more and of a tyrannical state. as to gangsters you are wrong all these gun control states make it so it restricts guns to gangsters only

      • Evgir Unslaad

        Hear, hear!


        Good point. It seems like the states that have the biggest gang problems (NY, CA, IL) have the most restrictive gun laws. Besides, if you are worried about political groups being armed, there is really nothing stopping them from arming themselves. There are many weapons that can be manufactured by almost anyone that can inflict mass casualties (Boston Bombing- made with fireworks).


      Brazil? So far as I know, there is no legitimate reason for which a civilian can get a personal firearm. Yet the streets are flooded with fully automatic weapons. Switzerland has very liberal gun laws, yet there does not seem to be any problem with armed thugs in the streets. It is cultural, not an issue with firearm laws.