Utopia US Season 1 Episode 1 Series Premiere, Part One

Posted By CouchTuner On September 8, 2014



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  • Hans Gruber

    No utopia is complete without at least one ho and a drug dealer….

    • vanessa


  • Foofighterubu

    Animal Farn without the Animals.

    That Pentecostal pastor… leaving his family “for the Gospel’s sake”???
    They don’t believe in Trinity and don’t accept Jesus as more than Spirit, so how does THAT work.
    They think that including an apostate in the community with no other person knowing anything and all not caring about God…
    This isn’t a fair sampling because they are all atheists.

  • hans-is-a-bit-ch

    stfu hans you bitch

  • Speaker4theDead

    This show HAD potential but all they’ve created is another “Drama” t.v. program.

    And people wonder what has happened to our society! Garbage in, garbage out.

  • nimueh

    Im sorry but this is as bad maybe worse then the original
    Utopia wich airs in Holland right now…
    I’ve seen a couple of episodes here in Holland, Im Dutch
    and the ratings are so bad.
    Just 65.000 viewers last friday ( were a small country)
    it got old very fast.
    Nope, John de Mol, inventor of this crap) did a poor job this time.