Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 4 Revelation

Posted By CouchTuner On July 22, 2014





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  • sonstef

    God this show is so so so corny! !! As a Nubian (black ) man u look at these shows on tv & of course they r all white. Never put a real Nubian women in them with status, but this show chose to put a “OREO” (black on outside but white inside) as the towns head scienctenst & teacher only to get pushed to the ground by a white women who wants to b in charge. I just wish Nubian people would not include themselves in these shows.

    • Lisa Myott

      Give me break. Don’t of over think it.

  • Dion

    Im really trying to stick it out witht his show but its getting stranger and stranger and NOT in a good way. Just all over the place, confusing and its frustrating the CRAP out of me!

  • http://halfthor.com/ Anthony M

    So much negativity . I love this show :) Can’t wait for the next ep

  • Mark

    I know why there’s no connection…
    They’re using Internet Explorer.

  • http://kaibilbalam123.blogspot.com/ Kaibil Balam

    This show is becoming so fucking random lol…wtf is going on…