Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 1 Heads Will Roll

Posted By CouchTuner On July 1, 2014





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  • alez

    Finally this show is great

  • Karthick

    When people hang from a noose, they die of their neck snapping not suffocation. Big Jim should be dead Jim by now.

    • Ayrton Canahualpa Tiger

      sometimes depending on the person and other factors the person’s neck does not snap and they suffocate…. reports show people being hung for 40minutes before dying so its legit…..rare but legit, at least he had a mark around his neck.

  • sonstef

    The part when the latino women got crushed to the wall (first of all it was real corny! I mean she push him out the way & then just stood there like a idiot!!!) makes it only one person left who is a decent of the SUN people…and not from the cave dwellers, the black dyke. She will be gone real soon & then it will only be caucas-asians left. They better have a good supply of SUN screen, LOL!!! I only wish we would stop excepting these degrading, disrespectful rolls!!! I mean i watch 24 last night & Keifer Sutherland (Jack Bauwer) is starting to show his real him(like you all do) he was talking real down to the dark skin man on the show. and I notice just like ALL these new shows coming out, Keifer is exulting the white girl with the gun. Smacking a latino man. Boy I see yall are having FUN, FUN, FUN!!! But thats alright the Great SUN in the sky LOVES us & will take care of eveything Oh and I know I missed spelled some words. But I can spell SUN. LOL! Oh for those who do not know look in your bible in the book of Malicah, it speaks about the SUN ( yes thats right it uses the word SUN in that book) scorching the evil dwellers on the Earth. Thats the bible not me saying it.

    • maia

      What the actual fuck.

    • Peter Pumpkin

      My god, I don’t know what you’re saying but let me have a wild guess. Your first word was “SUN”? Great story btw, needs more dragons and wizards.

    • Rod

      Meds. Take them on time. Every time.

    • Violeta Maria Gonzalez Salazar

      You should take your medicine.

  • ADAM


  • Sharar

    Anyone know what the song was around 25:00 when Juniour was having the dream of seeing his mum? Cheers

  • Dion

    Did she really out the trash out…like someone is going to pick it up?

  • Eleni

    I dont know if its my computer but your recent uploads are lagging and not as good as they used to be this makes me not want to watch the show. please fix it.