True Blood Season 7 Episode 8 Almost Home

Posted By CouchTuner On August 11, 2014





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  • Bobcat James

    the words arent matching any thing
    please fix!!!!!!

    • streamonline

      Its working great, please check again!

      • MayorCrackhead

        No it is not. The audio is out of sync with the picture..please fix

        • streamonline

          well theres no repack out yet, i am sure its about to hit the net, will add soon..hang on!

          • MayorCrackhead


          • Tess

            Thanks CT, we appreciate y’all.

          • Tammie Nadine Shuler

            Thank YOU!!

      • Jessica Carter

        words r off 4 me as well

      • Tess

        Every link I can watch is off audio to video.

      • sara

        Which tab is working?

      • Heather

        It’s not working great.

  • Tess

    We all appreciate watching Couchtuner but this video isn’t working properly. The video is way off audio.

  • BChil

    definitely not working correctly.

  • Bill Whitcomb

    you guys have the video about a minute and a half ahead of the audio

    • Jennifer Marie Davis

      No I think they have the the video missing. So they are missing the video on all the players that is right before the theme song. That make the audio not match up with anything we are seeing.

  • Jessica Carter

    It appears the Video is actually missing a few minutes of the beginning,

  • Tammie Nadine Shuler

    Me to!! Picture is Great but sound is completely off not matching video

  • drwholock_trubie

    Can someone comment as soon as this is fixed!?!

    • vanessa

      All fixed, if you haven’t tried

  • drwholock_trubie

    i’ve also checked other sites and it is the same problem for all because i think they got it from ct.

  • brittybugg

    Audio isn’t in sync :(

  • brittybugg

    Cucirca hasn’t uploaded it yet .

    • DJ

      episode 8 is not loaded on that site

      • brittybugg

        Yea I just noticed :(

      • brittybugg

        I starting streaming and realized it was episode 7 I’m sorry about that

  • brittybugg

    Plz fix ! I’m about to have an anxanity attack waiting for this episode!

  • streamonline

    Proper Links updated now, Previous got nuked

    • Tess

      Thanks, can you please check Witches of East End? It’s having similar problems after 8:15 for the rest of the video. Thanks again.

  • brittybugg

    Oh thank you thank you thank you!

  • Tess

    Thanks very much for fixing the problem, we appreciate it.

  • Travis N. Moore

    God is good thanks CT

  • Slider13

    How does that mystery audio keep popping up even though no other windows are open? Very annoying…

  • gladitsfake

    Thank you CT!!!!! Working fine…Oh My!!!!!!! Billlllllll!!!!!!

  • LeaLeaRNI

    Wtf Bill why are u being a pussy?
    This better not be atoning ur sin or something cus we already forgave u jeez

  • Sam

    To ppl wondering the audio works great on my iPhone but if I tried to use my tablet or computer the audio is messed up

  • vanessa

    Works well now :)

  • Samari Prime

    What the hell is wrong with Bill?! He don’t even have to drain her dead to get cured, so whyy?!