True Blood Season 7 Episode 7 May be the Last Time

Posted By CouchTuner On August 4, 2014





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  • Tess

    Thanks CT

  • Junzi

    why wouldn’t he at least try drink her blood instead of killing her. (numi’s sister that is)

    • Junzi is a deck

      Your the fucking worst.
      Come here to watch the episode
      Ruins the episode…

      • Junzi

        I don’t think that was integral to the show but sorry anyways. It would make sense on your part though in the future, if you don’t read the comments before watching the episode. After all what what do you expect to be down here

        • Lola

          It’s attitudes like that, that keep you guys spoiling. Just stfu .

          • Junzi

            Like i said Lola, i am sorry and I’ve edited to put a spoiler alert. Although and this is not hard to understand, what kind of content are you expecting to find when you scroll down here. It would be one thing if the comments were at the top of the page but you actually have to scroll down to see them. so next time do yourself a favor and watch the program before scrolling down to read the comments based on that program. i feel like that should make sense

    • vanessa

      They cant drink from each other…can they?

      • Junzi

        i’m not sure, but all those vamps did drink from bill when he was god level soooo…

        • vanessa


  • Lindsey Berry

    Why do I keep getting the audio from all kinds of ads, yet I can’t find them to shut them down?! Grrrrr. Anyone else have that problem?

    • vanessa

      No I never hav a problem, check that you have all browsers closed apart from the one you using, or google and down load adblocker

    • Fernanda

      Yes it happens to me all the time! Idk what to do?

  • Samari Prime

    AH see gothic/alternative outfit looks sexy :D Just look at Eric wearing them *3*