Transporter The Series Season 2 Episode 1 2B or Not 2B

Posted By CouchTuner On October 10, 2014



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  • Charltina

    OK. 1st Disappointment, its missing Jason Statham from the original Transporter (2002). 2nd Disappointment, its weak Martial Arts moves. 3rd Disappointment, its poor writing methods, that are not thought out or original. Now, its evident I am a brave soul to keep watching with 3 marks of disappointment. Its amazing what we will watch when we are so thirsty for something new, we will watch something below mediocrity, in hopes it improves with time. Transporter (the series), will need a miracle to survive the winter, unless it improves drastically in all three areas.

  • Tempy

    Yep agreed,it’s such a shame when there so many ways that the show could be great but it lacks almost all of what is needed,plus why are they so wooden and the camera work is trouble I will give it just one more episode to see if it improves but I don’t think it will…..shame truly

    • Charltina

      Tempy, I totally agree. It is a shame. We can keep hoping things approve. I, too will give it one more episode. Passes Tempy a hot tea …We can keep hoping…

      • Tempy

        Passes Charltina a big chocolate cookie:) Thanks for the tea

        • Charltina

          See, now you have done it, you have spoiled me with a chocolate cookie! This show can only go up hill after this delicious treat. Thanks Tempy!