Top Gear Season 21 Special Patagonia Part Two

Posted By CouchTuner On December 29, 2014





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  • ButchC&TSDK

    viva ingles viva angleterra viva england

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Wow those thugs Argentinians were pathetic! All that just for a plate number? Pathetic! I’m glad no one got hurt badly.

  • Daniel Harris

    I felt so sorry for james in this one . driving on those crappy roads with three cracked ribs must have been torture !

    • Caleb Duggan

      ever think of shutting up? It is comments like yours that have left the Argentinians so grumpy, no war is a joke, a massive number of people lost their lives maybe you should get some respect for those people from both sides of the war! And as far as having the best army in the worlrd, 1) I hope you’re joking cause they’re not that great and 2) the navy was far more heavily involved in the Falklands than army

      • Daniel Harris

        1 who cares? people die every day . they chose to be in their sh*t army and get their asses handed to us. They invaded our lands so they pay the price . They were lucky we didn’t level argentina in one carpet bomb . The sh*thole

        • Caleb Duggan

          People like you are why we have wars. You are a stupid dickhead and your opinion shouldn’t be shared. Just because a couple of politicians do stupid shit does not mean you start a war or blow up a country! Grow the F#ck up!!!

          • Daniel Harris

            choke on a d*ck