The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 What Happened and What’s Going On

Posted By CouchTuner On February 9, 2015






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  • Harmya

    I feel so sad right now :(

  • kensche heiashi

    thanks for the upload admin!!

  • Kevin Martin

    half of the episode is missing, kept skipping seconds and minutes

    • Tre_Ghost

      Watch a different stream, the first one is being weird

      • Parisamour

        now you tell me

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    the walker with the rebar in his shoulder makes me wonder when we are gonna see weaponized zombies.

  • Caz

    one word: intense!! :(

  • kobeintheclutch

    This show hates black people

    • MajorA

      Let us hope and pray Noah survives for at least 4 seasons.

      • Nancy Patton

        Watch Now Here ==>> LINK

    • Abraxas

      Beth bought it this season and she was of the caucasian persuasion, no? Btw, the vodLR link worked fine

    • cjks777

      It’s Atlanta. There’s not many other type of people to kill.

    • motordog

      On the other hand, every villain, douchebag and antagonist has been white…the Governor, Gareth, Gareth’s mom, the Termites, the guys who raped the Termites, Jack (the guy Rick bit), the guy who tried to rape Carl, the guys they killed in that bar, Carol’s abusive husband, Dawn and her asshole cops…Negan (or whatever his name is)…white, white, white-y white white…

  • sassan

    :( sad. this isnt fair… :(

  • Odachi

    I tried watching it on another site and it seems they are all skipping so this sucks.

  • raneanubis


  • ders

    If Cutty cant make it no one can

  • Jennifer Burnett

    Best Place to Watch TWD 509 Online Streaming ==>>

  • cupcakeale

    im cryin a Little bit ;c

  • Otaku

    It’s finally back!

  • Kristina Sheckler
  • MajorA

    Yo, why does this site have such bad lag? The video skips all the time and it’s really annoying. Anybody have a way to fix this or now of a better stream site?

  • Nancy Patton

    Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Already Stream At

  • Jamsehh

    RIP – The Gentle Giant, i’ll sure as hell miss you <3

  • skkillasin

    I hate noah it’s his fault the big guy is dead

    • motordog

      It’s no one’s ‘fault’…it’s an incredibly deadly world they live in. If you drop your guard for even a second (at least when you’re not in a secure place…and even then) you run the risk of getting bit. It’s not like Noah intentionally plotted and coldly implemented Tyrese’s murder. It WAS the Governor’s fault Hershel is dead, for example, because the Governor intentionally murdered Hershel. Shit happens, and in the world of the Walking Dead, SERIOUS shit happens. Stop playing the blame game when it’s not needed.

  • Wrath

    All the people who died deserved it and was retarded. Beth basically committed suicide. The one kid got murdered by the other and was too stupid to know she messed up. Tyrese saw a zombie laying down and still took his sweet time to look at pictures? That was dumb. Bob was the only smart person..its like they forget they’re being hunted they should be paranoid not as lax as that dummy tyrese

  • zilverpepper

    it funny there aren’t many asian in this show even for those were already dead lol

  • GonxWithxThexWind

    Cant we keep a black person alive for more than 3 seasons.

  • Nokuras

    He died with his innocence intact, that’s hard to do in these kind of shows. (Well whatever innocence he had left) He as well died in peace, accepting that it was going to get “better” if that makes any sense to anyone lol.

  • Haogar5

    FFS add a fucking link to the episode list

  • Luca Chard

    Couchtuner, what is this fucking horse shit you’ve uploaded?

  • Oguz Ates

    The new episode(s) of Season 5 is finally here!!

  • Oguz Ates

    That was a pretty good episode, good not great.