The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 Coda

Posted By CouchTuner On December 1, 2014






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  • Roxane Drolet


    • hello

      you have no life

      • Roxane Drolet

        ooooooo snap !!!!

      • Roxane Drolet

        ooo snap you got me ! haha

  • Harmya

    Sad… was hoping to see her evolve :(
    It’s as sad as her father’s death…

    • Caz

      Oh yeah Hershel!!! Those are the memories!!
      At least Father and Daughter are reunited once more in heaven :)

      • Rompastomper89

        Pffft heaven….gaaaaaeeeeyyyyyy

        • Caz

          thats your manner of opinion :P

  • watchRedBandSocietyOnfoxwed.9

    Rip Beth I can’t this show is not going to be better with out her

  • Glowurm

    Some bitch on IG had to spoil the biggest death this season.

    • Lee

      they can watch the movie first before scroll down read the comments.

    • Lola

      Their Facebook paged ruined it for me. posted rip beth before the encore ended

      • Rico

        Wow and you had to spoil it, next time don’t post the name and ruin it for someone else.

        • GonxWithxThexWind

          Lol why would you read the comments to the episodes before you watch them, obviously there’s gonna be spoilers…

          • Tess

            That is what the comments are for, to converse about the show we just watched. Poor Daryl Gains one and looses one. So sad.

      • Dante Le Grey

        I don’t follow any shows page due to idiots posting spoilers. But this time a friend shared their spoiler…. FU

  • watchRedBandSocietyOnfoxwed.9

    Watch Red Band Society on Fox!! Wednesdays at 9 its the best!

  • dinkelmann

    utterly shocked! wasn’t expecting it at all omg, thought for sure it would be carol. amazing acting from lauren cohen at the end too!

  • Callahan

    Noooooo! I feel so bad for Beth’s sister!

  • IloveDaryl

    Daryl cried!!! Made me cry:(

  • cookmandude

    !!!!!!!??????Please some one help me understand why beth stabbed her?… what did she finally get?

    • sadwalkingdead

      Beth and Carol were just insurance for just a moment like that

    • Mohd Saad

      The lady cop was using Noah as her boy toy. Sex. The way she tells him, “I knew you would be back.” in that strange love crazy maniac way. Beth understood. But she should have controlled herself and tried again later to save him.

      • cookmandude

        Wow I like you thought processor….but I thought she said they always come back when pertaining to any one who ever left that hospital…was she some kind of extreme control freak slut lol, seemed liked she crushed on Beth too?

  • Ayrton Canahualpa Tiger

    Kill Them All

  • Rielar

    and so the long waits begin and fuck you for those who spoiled it the minute this was uploaded and carlol aiint done shit

    • Lee

      Just watch the video first before scroll down.

  • Harmya

    At least the walkers didn’t get her! For Gabriel, well… I would have left him outside… What an A… he brought back a pack of walkers and put the 3 others at risk… again what an “a..”. Lousy caracter. Pfff, guts to cry out for help after that! Man, the wait’s gonna be eternal…

    • Caz

      I would rather gabriel die than beth!! Such a waste of a character!! :(

  • The Cold Shoulder

    What a waste of a half season There has been little to no point to what we have seen. Unless they are trying to bring out the point, All of this is futile. That characters death was pointless and predictable. I hope they do better in Feb.

  • Changeiscoming

    Very emotional episode. Love this show.

  • Alone


  • Lee

    Somehow I feel Beth kinda ask for it. Anyone with that tough personality sooner or later will get beat up by someone.

  • Jayant Singh

    Beth is one crazy bitch!!! It was all settled, and then she just had to get all gangster.

    The second cop lady handled it well though…. I though it’d be a bloodbath for sure but she averted it.

  • clo07d

    are you kidding me??? the season was split between going to Washington and saving beth. There is no Washington, and beth is dead. Wtf what a wasted first half of the season. I am so pissed that I didn’t even cry, and beth was one of my favorite characters on the show. What a horrible way to send her out. Fuck this.

  • sadwalkingdead

    Last two episodes suuuucked…. total nod to the feminists. Bunch of brain dead men in that hospital… At least the lead biotch is dead & then of course that other girl had to be all tough and be the one to say “stand down” with authority lol – no men could actually do anything or lead…. right… With that stupid hospital, no cure, and Beth’s death, where the heck is this show going?? I feel more and more lost with every episode.

  • sadwalkingdead

    how did that biotch get that shot off so quick???

  • sadwalkingdead

    It’s starting to feel like Lost…

  • Hans Gruber

    Awww… and we never even got to see her turn.

    • Jonzky

      Be ashamed.

  • Tybel

    Why couldnt Beth aim to that bitch’s neck…..T_T

    • Rkayani

      thats what i thought she would do but no, in the shoulder it goes and BOOM!!

  • mz.xoxo

    I was gonna say something, but Im too depressed I forgot……I feel so sorry for Maggie:((

  • Mike Mays

    i thought it was going to be carol…. Eugene should have died

  • Mike Mays

    bring on morgan!!!!!

  • Mike Mays

    if you did’t cry when Beth died you have no soul

    • Dubjam No Soul

      ha thanks :)

  • Dionysius


  • nathan

    40:42, rick is going to lose his arm in the next half season, you heard it here first

  • Kal-El

    That’s what happens when you bring a knife to a gun fight.

    • Rkayani

      it was scissors actually lol

  • Guest

    STOP THE SPOILERS! I am so glad I didn’t scroll down and read the comments before.

  • Caz

    Beth!?!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :(

  • Conor Stanley

    Wait a second wasn’t her gun holstered how did she get that shot off.

  • Draco72703

    I think it’s funny that Maggie broke down she hasn’t mentioned Beth once this hole season.
    you could see the look on her face when Michonne told her that she was
    alive, it was like ow ya I still have a sister. Plus you can’t feel to
    bad she stabbed the cop first, I believe that is called self defense

  • AliceGirl1234 .

    Although I really am upset about Beth’s death (considering she could have developed so much further), I do think that her death was completely avoidable :( The deal was done, despite the fact that Dawn then asked for Noah, making it an unfair exchange…he WAS agreeing to go back to the hospital. I just feel like everything would have been fine if Beth hadn’t have tried to kill a TRAINED and ARMED police officer :( Nonetheless, at least she died fighting and showed that she had become much stronger :)

    • MajorA

      I feel she liked Noah and seeing him go back to that group instead of with them didn’t sit well with her.

      • AliceGirl1234 .

        Yeah, I think you’re right :) I guess it’s good that she at least died trying to help someone she cared about :)

  • peemints

    i cried so much, beth was my favorite

  • Romz Roses

    Can’t fathom how great this series is.

  • Dalton StOnge

    This Season was good, I can’t say that I liked that Beth is now dead, Rest In Peace Beth, you will be missed. I literately cried when I saw her die, Beth was part of the group, everyone cared about her. Hopefully Maggie doesn’t do something she’s going to regret, as I will never watch The Walking Dead again. Please, no more people need to die ;-;

  • Philip Jonas Benetly Åman

    Don’t turn of the episode because in the end like the final minute there will be someone you don’t expect

  • Jonzky

    MORGAN WTF!!?!!!!

  • Jonzky

    Goodbye original characters, only few left. :c

    • MajorA

      There is only 4 with or without Beth. Rick, Carl, Carol and Daryl.

      • Caz

        As long as Rick, Carol and Daryl dont die out of the original characters…never cared too much about Carl…the writers should have kept beth around alittle longer, if they wanted to kill her so badly cmon and at least let her go out with a more epic bang after some more personal growth!!

        • lol

          glenn? he was the snooping guy in the city…and lead rick to others in the building

          • Caz

            yeah oops!! Forgot to add Glenn!! He’s cool too ;)

  • Talon Aikens

    Omg stupid beth why knife her in the shoulder why not the head dumbass!

  • Talon Aikens

    Omg why do we TWD fans have to wait that long again am i right

  • Riya Khurna
  • jnnettte

    Why is that bitch of Maggie crying she wasn’t even a bit worried about Beth being missing or intent on finding her!!!!

    Beth couldn’t live with herself,….and she has killed before.

  • Clementine

    Maggie breaking down was so hard to watch


    HOLLY SHITE did anyone see that end of credit scene. maybe am late but oh shit Ricks the one whos been leaving all those clues. Finally a new character to actually look forward to

  • MajorA

    That female cop in armor is pretty hot, who is she?

  • MajorA

    Damn…..she and Noah were going to have thing, I just knew it….But now she’s gone…Why did she even do that?

  • Lee

    Dawn don’t deserve that. at least Noah will be safe, they can come back visit him.
    As for Beth, she ask for it.

  • el indio atlacatl

    Rip Beth i Will miss you

  • Tanello2

    im somehow intrested, what sort of evil organisation is behind that cops hospital, why are they evil against the humans who they find and what did the man who was pushed to elevators saft say about:” u need to tell her who are we working for ” the woman had to kill so many cops to keep a secret, it has to be big one. What did all of that mean , because the Beth got it, and took out the evil one in the end,ofcorse, it would be mutch smarter to get out of the house, tell everybody what this all is about and then go back at night and kill the ones who deserv to die and we will then find out what is behind the hospital story

  • Fan99

    That shot was not possible from that angle and from close range, she barely got her gun up to point it and beth was hit like it was a straight shot to the forehead. I swore some one shot her from behind the cops seeing the direction of the blood exiting her head.
    Other wise it was not expected to lose Beth that way, I dont beleive Beth would have stabbed her in the chest, maybe in the gut or in the face like a walker would get it. The cop is wearing a vest so that would be stupid to do. I would rather see Beth grab a gun from Rick or some one and go up to the cop with an attitude.
    Why kill Beth she was getting to be awsome, RIP, I will miss you Beth, :(

  • RsWatkinson

    I cryed!! daryl cries,, I cry!! :’(

  • Lee

    GJ Beth, awesome cop killer x3
    1) kill someone who want to have sex with you. (not even rape)
    2) help someone kill the other one.
    3) even you die you take one with you.

  • Sara

    I didn’t see who shot her???

  • Sara

    Another 2 months plus wait.

  • Daniel Harris

    I must be the only one who doesn’t like beth , she was whiney and annoying like lorie and needed to be killed off

  • LYNN

    Hi. Can u load up the next espisode please?

  • Ilyas

    Although I was starting to feel fond about Beth as a character, didn’t matter to much to me that she died. I was much more relieved that Carol survived (I think her characters been really well developed!).

    Can’t wait for the next part of the season! Will be interesting to see how things will pan out now that the group knows the DC cure is a false hope.

  • Umbreon

    To those wondering where next, 3 words… Alexandria Safe Zone

  • Ashissh Singla

    Agreed, Season 5 had an amazing start – I hate how they can’t make this show consistently. You get a few good ones and then bang – So guys — Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 Online on Feb 8.

  • Elena Gomez

    Now i am waiting for The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9 on Feb 8. It would be very difficult to handle Beth’s Death,

  • Dhruv Sharma

    Waiing for Feb 8. Exiting for Episode 9 of The walking dead season 5

  • Harmya

    “We can go back Bob…” Seems Rick finally got a grip! You leave a freak go free and he comes back to bite u in the ass! I would have left the cheating bitch for the walkers supper…

  • Ameister

    That girl wasn’t even worth beths life. such an unfair trade. everyone wanted that girl dead, no one wanted beth to die!

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  • Nicolas

    who shot beth?

  • ♚I Envy Your Face♚

    Beth!!! NOOOO