The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 Crossed

Posted By CouchTuner On November 24, 2014






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  • zombie13df

    let the game begin

  • Roxane Drolet

    woot woot !

  • zombie13df

    so slow

  • angeline

    Finally!!! :D

  • Harmya

    U would think that all that noise; chopping wood, nailing windows, baby freaking crying, would attract walkers…

  • Harmya

    That Gabriel… it makes me think that weak people always hide behind religion! No wonder he’s a preacher, so easy to talk… for nothing

    • Shawn Michael Abrams

      It takes a really strong person to fully devote their lives to a religion. The commitment it entails is the greatest life sacrifice any person can make. Im not religious for that exact reason. It is to hard to follow the principles necessary to fully commit. You sound ignorant as heck making statements like the one you made. You clearly know nothing of sacrifice.


      • Wolf Haley Hendrix

        No it doesn’t take a strong person to follow somebody else. It’s weakness. You’re to scared to be left to your own devices and take responsibility for your own actions. Strong is accepting that there is nothing else watching your back or guiding u in any direction whatsoever. Strong is accepting that you are alone and must stand on your own two feet. Strong is doing right not because u get a cookie at the end or because anyone will acknowledge u but being good simply because it’s what’s right. preachers are nothing but pimps. They take your money for literally nothing. Even if I wasn’t athiest I wouldn’t pay to hear u interpret what isn’t even open to interpretation. Fucking cunt. Your not devoted because u want to sin. U want to not be judged. U want freedom. Something that bible preachy and never delivers. Don’t pick on small fry

        • Shawn Michael Abrams

          WOW ok. First and foremost, Im not religeous and never claimed to be. I neither believe nor disbelieve in any God. Why? Because I am a realist who goes off factual PROOF to (see, hear, touch, smell) to make my interpretations. WIth that being said. Since when is following a cause, that you truly believe in, a “cowardly act”?? I would think that it would be more courageous to deal with the scrutiny of those who appose your view point and stand your ground to the best of your knowledge, than it would be stand for nothing at all! Once again, SIR! You showed your ignorance by your ad hominem response where you chose to insult your opposer rather than to simply factually refute his claim. Good job!! You beat yourself!!
          One more thing. i dont choose to be fully committed in a “religeous” lifestyle because I can not fully devote myself to the IDEAS. Give me a reason to and I would be the first one showing my support and spreading the message because I always aspire to be INSPIRED.

      • Wolf Haley Hendrix

        And btw there are many greater sacrifices than becoming a professional bs artist…losing a child for example…or being a child molested and choosing being keeping your father or keeping your sanity..people like u don’t understandthat tho because u only know what you’re told

        • Mikeyeng

          Wait are you saying you are a child molesterer or that you was a child that got molested ?

          • Wolf Haley Hendrix

            Sigh….not too big on examples I See…..maybe I shouldn’t have gone str8 to the extreme…neither lol not that I can remember at least….

          • OttosTongue

            Woah bro, don’t be so antiestablishment with your atheist rhetoric and anarchy symbol. You’re almost being too rad.

          • Mikeyeng

            Show us on the dolly where he touched you !!

        • equilibrisme

          Do not mix up god and religion.
          Follow your own path and find god YOURSELF.
          adversity, duality, materialism, over-mentalism, illusions of how you judge,will make you suffer and question your own purpose on this earth, until you die in this dimension.
          Stop judging and see for yourself, you’ll start waking up and start pushing the darwinian wheel again :)
          Peace and love

      • Wolf Haley Hendrix


      • Harmya

        It takes more strength to live a real life full of commitments then hiding behind religion! Cause religion is just a cult… like any other cult (e.i. The Following). And I stand by my words, weak people hide behind religion.

    • hatersgonnahate

      freedom of religion=the right to have wrong together!

      • Harmya

        Good for you… everybody’s free to be somebody’s bitch :)

    • Jontron

      Cause this show is a reflection of reality…

  • Hans Gruber

    That’s like vampires wearing crosses to keep priests from killing them.

    • jajakdf


      • yep

        Different not diffrent. Their not thier. They’re not their. If your going to be a douche who corrects people, at least do it properly.

        • b0ss

          You’re not your, sorry I had to.

          • Really

            That’s hilarious.

        • Lee

          well, as long people understand what he is saying, it’s all good.
          English is not the only language in the world, we spoke them cause we got no choice.
          Same for those people start learning Chinese.

          • Bob Dobbs

            Nobody mentioned “DIFFRENT.” Gary Coleman, anyone?

        • gavin

          you fucking illiterate hypocritical moron.

        • bob

          Dumbass. They’re = They are. Their = It’s just fucking their. How fucking stupid can you be?

          • Carrie Cavallo

            Dumbass. Their is the wrong context. Yep was correcting the spelling first (thier=their), then grammar (their=they’re).

  • Caz

    Really Sasha? Really?!!?! you’re gonna turn your back to a trained cop that you basically helped kidnap and hold hostage and take him with you alone for a vantage point without someone with you? Geezzz these people never learn!!

    Oh wells….at least finally some action can explode or implode … whichever :D

    • Lee

      Yeah Sasha sucks.

      I teach Clementine well, and that little girl is going to kick her ass.

    • Jontron

      I have to agree. I saw this coming a mile away. It’s like she forgot everything they have all been through. I wouldn’t be too upset if he killed her for that.

      Really stupid.

    • Harmya

      Well… the thing is… I did think, like Sasha… that the guy was sincere… My mistake!

  • Sara

    Just because his name is Bob. Oh Sasha.

  • Koma

    Duh, Sasha. Duh.

  • Lee

    every time a person died we have to go over a bunch of drama, how about we reduce some of that and keep moving… >.>

  • John Kildal

    Boring boring. There is so many indifferent things going on……

  • Matt

    Mann that nigga ran quick!

  • Kal-El

    Tara found a yo-yo!

  • jajakdf

    retarded sasha, cuz the cops name is bob, it does not mean that he moved from enemy to ally. BOB IS DEAD GET THAT BULLET THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!

  • Rowan Gracey

    Does anyone remember a long time ago when this show didn’t suck donkey dick? AHhhhh the good old days

  • AliceGirl1234 .

    Great episode, but from the moment that cop said he knew a guy in the parking lot, it was obvious that he was trying to escape…Also, why on Earth would you turn your back on a trained cop that you just happen to be holding hostage!? Did she really put all that trust in him simply because his name is Bob?

  • Berroa
  • Yung Afrika

    That was hella obvi at the end. Sasha hold dis L.

  • Lee Attewell

    i hate it when they cut off the credits. No ‘scenes from the next walking dead’

  • Belieber Uno

    Just when I thought Maggie couldn’t get any sexier she whips out a S&W TRR8 .357 magnum like a boss. OHH GAAAAWWWWWWD……………

  • Druzil Lizurd

    wow they must be running out of ideas for them to write in this ..they just went through a moni war ..took over a canabal group ..and she turns her back to a cop lmao

  • Dalton StOnge

    This season has gotten pretty dark. Also why is Carol the badass in this one, Machone is staying out of the action, but she finally got her katana back. D:

  • Dalton StOnge

    Wake up Carol, wake up!!!!!

  • Josh Moore

    Does anyone know the song at the end of the episode

  • OttosTongue

    Sasha and Beth are the new Lori and Andrea…