The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 Self Help

Posted By CouchTuner On November 10, 2014






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  • Roxane Drolet

    nice !!! love this show so much

  • poo

    It’s kinda dumb how they spent so much time going to dc for nothing, for me it’s a huge let down.

    • Shryguy

      blah blah they built up the whole cure thing for nothing blah blah I had a dick in my mouth this morning blah blah I have never read the comic glurg glurg Oh jeez another dick.

      • Kettle


      • getalife

        Let me guess, this guy made 10 new accounts to like his own comment. Congratulations u officially dont have a life.

    • Jontron

      I actually like it. It would have been some silly thing about some button that “saves the day” anyway. Its’ good because they had hope, and now it’s setting in that there is none. Really jacks stuff up. I like this episode. This was worth its own episode if any.

  • Kaibil Balam

    What else do you expect from the video game quoting nerd. pathetic episode

    • Shryguy


  • 12stepCornelius

    Well that revelation just sort of blew away like half of last season’s story arc. No idea where they could go now with the story the rest of this season. The cure was kinda the whole deal.

    • Nash K.

      Pretty sure it was likely he didn’t have the cure, from what i have heard he revealed this in the comics as well.

      • 12stepCornelius

        I know. I was just saying it pretty much defeated everyone’s purpose going all the way back into last season. So if there’s no cure, being a TWD comic book-challenged viewer like myself, the only thing I can see being the main focus now is KILL EUGENE.

        • Nash K.

          Yea lol everone wants to kill eugene..i think making it this long mission for the characters and the viewers to invest in just makes it all the more disappointing and heartbreaking to see..also i think they feel the viewers can’t keep up with all the groups and their stories. Now that beth and carol have new challanges, they can get away with the failed mission to d.c. Most likely they go back and meet up with rick and the gang for something exciting lol

        • Shryguy

          Eugene never actually said anything about a cure. He said he was going to kill the zombies by whiping them out with another virus.

    • Shryguy

      They are following the source material. The show was a comic book first for fuck sake. The fact there is no cure means the show has plenty of places to go. They are doing amazing with this show I fucking love it! Hope it goes 20 seasons! Show us how more people have survived and show us more psychos and psycho drama and psycho romance and crazy shit!!!!

      • 12stepCornelius

        I get this. I really do. So excuse my confusion as a shocked television viewer who hasn’t read the comic books and is just providing some applicable feedback on a TV show viewing site about a twist in the plot many of us were surprised to see.

    • Shryguy

      glurg glurg

  • Junzi

    never really believed him, but i was starting give in just because it gives the show a direction. where to now…

    • Shryguy

      pecker breath

  • Hans Gruber

    I actually worked as a compsci (I wrote software designed to run on massively paralleled supercomputers) on the human genome mapping project back in ’98 at Sandia national labs. There was no dress code and well, quite frankly, some of the scientists I worked with forgo simple personal hygiene if you get my drift.

    So Eugene was sort of believable, simply due to his oddness.

  • Mathieu Paquette

    like what? I hate when they try to put plot twists that make no sense whatsoever. the bus crash you could predict miles away. and then we get the ”revelation” Eugene is nothing but a lie. why would he admit it’s a lie? it took 4 seasons to have a ”cure direction” now they closed that door shut! guess we gonna have to wait 4 more seasons. pretty sure sure they still gonna reach for DC even if one rule about the show is to avoid big cities… the first episode of the season was probably the best, but after that… this is going nowhere

    • Shryguy

      glurg glurg glurg you have dick breath.

      • Mathieu Paquette

        replying to everyone cause you suck TWD writers dick is pretty lame .. fuckin son of a bitch

    • Reason

      Why would he admit it is a lie? Several reasons. 1 – he started to care about the people that he was with and no longer wanted to endanger their lives chasing after false hopes 2 – he realized just how dead set the red head was on getting DC and that he would stop at nothing, which only further endangered everyone 3 – The red head was about to do something crazy and it was the only way to stop him. Eugene obviously can’t stop him and Glenn is tough but is too small to stop him as well.

      Why are you so dead set on the show needing to chase a cure that you waited 4 whole seasons for it and now dread waiting another 4 seasons? This show is so much more than a quest for a cure.

    • Shryguy

      they never even said anything about a “cure” Eugene said he was going to kill all the zombies by whiping them out with another virus.

      • Mathieu Paquette

        actually they did

  • Dan45

    This episode was a real dissapointment compared to the last few episode. It was slow and the reveal to be honest wasnt even that shocking feels like we are back in season 4 with the filler episodes.

  • Caz

    what a shit ep and disappointment!! Writers! what on earth ARE YOU THINKING?!?! all i can say i hope whatever you got cooking in your heads it better be bloody good!

    • Tyler Oberg

      So basically you’re saying “Kirkman what are you thinking?”. Honestly are you all forgetting the end of the first season where they go to the CDC and Jenner tells Rick “we’re all infected”. This season isn’t all over the place at all, this is a human drama with zombies thrown in. The real constant enemy is the other surviving humans. Think about it, people lie, cheat, steal, hell they even eat each other. This is almost exactly how it plays out in the comics and I’m thankful for that. Kiddos, this is what we like to call a moment of clarity…. This is their world now…There is no cure….

      • GonxWithxThexWind

        The message and all is good, but it isnt executed very well. It’s supposed to be a drama with zombies miced in it, but nowadays an episode consists of unintresting characters talking –> zombie-montage –> one interesting character talking to all the uninteresting characters —> zombie-montage –> cliffhanger. Only character I care about this season is Glenn, Rick and maybe Michonne.

        • Tyler Oberg

          Well, If anyone wants a spoiler(spoiler alert***), with the knowledge that there is no hope in D.C the group finally comes to the understanding that “this is their world now”. It is different from the prison or Woodburry in that they don’t want to re-claim the past anymore. The new world isn’t about barbecues and picnics. Survivors like Rick and Co. have needs that they understand now. The dead can be managed, but the living are the real threat. The next concern becomes finding a new place to call home.

      • Caz

        I do remember when they go to CDC in the first season and that revelation that they’re all infected…(great moment too!) hey i love drama but what i dont like is they say we’re going for a cure, theres a cure….and i know theres always the constant threat yes true the walkers are a real threat but the true one is whats left of human kind and what they inflict on each other friend or foe….i get that….but im thinking…whats gonna keep this series going? eventually the writers going to have to touch base about the possibility : is there a cure? or isnt there? if people are infected maybe in someone has a natural borne antibody … which is true in most cases….realistically… i love drama and epicness and heck the crazy but it be nice to see if the writers go down that road or not yknow?

        Thats all :)

        • Shryguy

          they never actually even said anything about a cure at all. Eugene said he was going to kill all the zombies with an alternative virus or something. Never said cure… Just sayin…

  • coacoa

    Too obvious.. We all knew he was full of bs.. Why waste episodes on a moron?

  • Rickly

    1.24 Ugene looks like peter griffin

  • oakrock

    Actually, I think this show explored a survival technique that would be used by non aggressive intelligent/manipulative people. Eugene is a bit like the governor was. He deceived people for personal protection. Eugene broke because he began to care about the people he was with. Now he will have to pull his own weight and develop as an asset to the team or….become one of the walking dead…….which brings up the question…..are some zombies smarter than others….or do they all mindlessly seek food?

  • sassan

    it’s not about Eugene. who cares about him?
    … this episode is all about that mullet.

  • Kal-El

    “Eugene, are you a virgin?”

    “That’s classified.”

  • Lee

    well… he deserve a punch in da face.
    After all those hard work wasted.

    • Shryguy

      you tell’em Lee!

  • Ronak Valobobhai

    I thought he already mentions to someone or him self that he doesn’t know how to fix the mess… or that there is no hope? I don’t know why O_O I felt like we we’re always meant to know he doesn’t know how?

  • mike

    ugene knows the cure guys, he said that cause he didnt want people to get hurt

    • Mike

      Yeah well, he’s probably dead now anyway.

  • awwffsgetagrip

    ab needs to start swinging with his right ffs

  • motordog

    So…I wonder why Abe’s wife and kids seemed so scared of him…just cause he was bloody? I mean, he defeated whoever was threatening them (couldn’t tell if they were supposed to be living or walkers), and he got a bit dirty doing it…no reason for his wife to go full retard and take two children into an undead-cannibal warzone by herself with no way to protect them.

    • Alejandra

      If you noticed his wife has a purple eye (min 23:56), which looks like he did that, it looks like he used to hit her. It looks as if he has some anger issues, which makes him lose control once he gets angry, to the stage of killing people with his bear hands. So his wife and kids saw that and got scared again. That’s why he thanked Glen when he stopped him, and that’s why he looks his hands everytime he hits somebody or gets angry. Hope I helped. :)

  • marcus

    well that was a spectacular face plant from eugene.

  • Jontron

    You know its a good episode when no one is talking about that “sex’ scene. Come on. You know I am right.

    • dean


  • Clementine

    Is Eugene autistic?

  • MajorA

    So there goes that story line…I was actually rooting for them to get a cure manufactured and now I feel disappointed. What the hell is gonna happen next??!! We didn’t even get to see what happened to Beth or Noah

  • Markola Yanga

    2 boring ep back to back? Way to go WD!

  • #clarkmustdie

    I was laughing so hard when Eugene was yelling, ” I am not a scientist.”

  • Lester

    Oh boy that parked car sure got the jump on them.

  • Davis#14

    does some body knows when is next episode coming out ?

  • Justbecause

    I’ve never read the comic and even I knew Eugene was a fraud. Too obvious.

  • Leonardo Luis