The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 3 Four Walls and a Roof

Posted By CouchTuner On October 27, 2014






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  • Travers Rutten


    • Dallas Mitchell

      Travers. Speak?

      • Travers Rutten

        say that

        • Dallas Mitchell

          I will say that.

  • Shaneisthebest

    I cant believe Carl is dead. Rick is going to freakout next week. and they ate his fingers right in front of him.

    • Harmya

      ur such an idiot with ur false info… Go watch some cartoons dude!

      • Shaneisthebest


    • Ned Flanders

      Calm down. It’s all just a dream anyway. Rick wakes up in the hospital and goes home to Coral and his wife Dori

      • Charlie

        Robert Kirkman debunked the dream theory. He says it’s not a dream and its all actually happening :)

    • Cwcoverick


  • notto

    vidto has been working great for me.

    • jorge

      Which video are u using

  • GeorgeGunz

    Does anyone know who was behind daryl??? #fuck

  • Hans Gruber

    A Nelson “Ha Ha” moment at the beginning.

  • fuckmerick

    what happened to carol did she get like horribly disfigured trying to save Beth?

  • Andrew Blake Jones

    lol guess we will never know what happens when you eat tainted meat

    • Slipp E. Physter

      it’s all tainted meat,…..everyone turns when they die.

      • Stone1881

        What they mean is a person could die and turn because of eating someone who is bit.

  • Carlee Smith

    awesome thank you

  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    Michonne seeing her sword O.O

  • Caz

    Finally we get to see next ep on what the hell happened to beth!!
    Poor Bob kicked the bucket….B&B Burgers is a deadly business…karma bit those guys in the tush – its about damn time! and #lonnnngwhistle talk about that ep being DARK…..and loving every minute #HookedTWD

  • Stone1881

    It seems like Maggie has forgot she has a younger sister called Beth.

    • jokster

      That’s cause she got a new brother named dick hahaha

  • knife on h4ad

    how does that knife slit in like butter lol? i get it walkers when they are all rotten but fresh body…

  • Otaku

    I’m glad they didn’t waste to much time on that guy. What was his name, Gavin or Garreth? lol

  • Nathan Starr

    well there goes that “threat” if u can call it that.. lol

  • Elliot

    I think it’s beth with Daryl at the end not Carol, maybe she was killed ?

    • Harmya

      I think it’s Carol too.. and I guess Carol’s been caught by those “unknowed” people. They will have to put up a fight to get Carol back I guess!

  • Death Defyer

    Both Medics got there legs chopped off and died. I don’t wanna be a doctor any more!

  • Sophie Quézel Poirier


  • fanatic1990


  • areca constantino

    i dunno how to play :(

  • Titine Louis

    Why does it keep automatically downloading when I click on Vidto link?

  • WalkingDeadFan246


  • Sara

    “Its not your call!” Glenn stares at Rick.

  • Sara

    Half the time I was worried Bob the Dead will kill Sasha when she was in a conversation with Tyreese

  • ♚I Envy Your Face♚

    Bob – (lols) ”You, you idiots.” (Lots of lols) ”I’ve been bitten you stupid pricks.”