The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Strangers

Posted By CouchTuner On October 20, 2014






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  • Roxane Drolet

    nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    Rick dies

    • corax

      i sware people like you are fucked in the head. please stop posting shit like this

      • lol


        • disqus_R7qWVcZfvA

          you my friend “lol” can fuck off you think correcting someones spelling error , is so bold but really its because you a little fucking bastard on the internet looking for attention and trying to make yourself feel in tilted when really you have no come backs and no life aspiration , so do us all a favor and stay off the internet, but first we will all want to know your amazing reply

          • lol

            You got all that insight by my spelling correction and false comment?

          • motordog

            I understand your annoyance, but you do realize you’re feeding the troll, right? You’re giving him exactly what he wants…attention. He’s playing a tune, and your dancing for him.

  • Harmya

    Dark episode… Hey u (lol), what with the misinformation! U stupid much?

  • Connor Horton

    bobs leg gets cut off and eaten by gareth and the rest of terminus while knocked unconcious and then when he wakes up he has no leg.

  • elizbet

    Bruh why did daryl and carol leave like tf they should of told the rest of the gang the pastor he did something and beth where she at tho ?

  • GeorgeGunz

    Holy Fkn Shit!!!

  • liam

    WoW if daryl dies im done with the walking dead im sorry!

    • Faggot Liam

      no gone gives a shit what you do

      • Mathieu Paquette

        no ”gone” gives a shit about what you don’t give a shit fucking loser

    • lilazkikr

      you got that right liam! im kinda crazy about Dayr

  • Stone1881

    Why did Bob leave the church? I’m thinking he got bit at the food bank and knew it.

    • motordog

      He didn’t seem to be showing any signs of infection…not that it really matters now I suppose.

      • Easy Cheesy

        I think he got scratched that’s why he’s not showing signs!

    • sian lee wei

      Yes, I thought so too, especialy when he sobbed .

    • a dude

      he needed a moment , he was thinking of his lost loved ones

  • Hans Gruber

    Anyone for Shish-kaBobs?

  • remy nova

    Those guys just ate tainted meat because bob got bit earlier, they’re gonna turn.

    • motordog

      Well, they did cook it, so I assume whatever ‘virus’ or whatnot causes them to turn probably got destroyed in the heat.
      …though, I suppose we’ll know soon enough.

      • losingconnection

        and everyone is already infected with the virus anyway

        • motordog

          Yes, that’s old news, but clearly there’s more to it than that. Otherwise, the bite of a walker wouldn’t be so dangerous. The virus is either some sort of binary disease, or the body fluids (saliva) of the walkers must be saturated in far greater amounts of the z-virus (sort of like the komodo dragon). Even a small bite (influx of concentrated virus) leads to sure death. If the virus alone lead to sure death, then everyone would be dead already, walker bite or not (because, of course, everyone already has the virus).

  • kat

    They cut his leg off to save him and are toying with him by pretending it’s his leg they’re eating. He got bit on the leg and they wanted to keep him alive as bait to get the rest of the group to come look for him.

    • derp

      Are you that fucking stupid? Really?

    • Nightwing

      just like dale in the comics

    • motordog

      Why would they ‘toy’ with him? They’re cannibals, they need meat, they’re EATING meat…no toying required! I can accept that they’re keeping him alive as bait, but they only need most of him alive, and a man’s gotta eat.

  • Kal-El

    This weeks episode of the Walking Dead was brought to you by Bob’s Burgers. #BobBQ

  • Lisa

    Holy freakin crap…it’s just getting better and better…the horrifying suspense is killing me…Yes I’m a zombie and yes I do look scary…:)

  • GonxWithxThexWind

    I laughed my ass of at the intro:
    “They attacked us”
    “I don’t believe you”
    *blows shit up*

  • motordog

    Okay, looks like Glen and Carl owe Rick an apology when all this dust finally settles. Rick makes mistakes sometimes, but not so often when he’s in ‘badass’ mode. He was right…they should have hunted down every Termite and killed them. As for Tyrees…wasn’t the guy Bob first saw when he woke up the same guy Tyrees claimed to have killed last episode? Well, okay Tyrees…at least you’re feelings aren’t bruised because you had to kill someone. Sure, Bob lost a leg (and almost certainly his life), but he was always a red shirt anyways.

  • Rowgly .

    No! Carl turned and ate Judith so that Rick would fuck Maggie and that would mean that Glen would bum him, the end

    • Harmya

      Dude, u should really make an appointment with your shrink asap! As “corax” said, ur really fucked up and u need help for ur own good! That goes for “lol” as well, but I guess it’s the same person posting on diff. names !!!

  • Shaun

    My guess is that Zombie with the glasses was his wife who he kicked out of the church after learning she got bit.
    She tried to get back in the church but he didn’t let her in. She then carved ”You’ll burn for this” shortly before running off and turning.

    • motordog

      Someone told me she was the organist of the church, though I suppose they could have been married. I doubt he had the stones to kick anyone out, probably just locked the doors before anyone got there, then left them to their fate.

      • Shaun

        But it appears only one person tried to get in and they showed us a picture of ONE person, someone he obviously cares about, plus a group of people could easily break into that place.

        • motordog

          You may be right, but it’s easy to imagine that during a zombie apocalypse, anyone of faith would turn to their church. The food drive was successful, so clearly people were interested. Perhaps when the people arrived seeking sanctuary, the walkers were on their heels…they didn’t have time to break in before they were attacked. Eh…I guess we’ll find out next episode.

  • evie

    Poor Bob, why did he let his guard down!! I would have changed my clothes while at the food bank/thrift store, after being in the rancid water!!!!!

  • QueenSwag

    Shit his leg!!!

  • dayanis

    0.0 wow

  • motordog

    Fuck Eugene…

  • Mike Faust

    LOL They Be eating Bad Meat…Bob got bit, thats why he was actin all funny and went out to cry.

  • QueenV

    White people…

  • JenkPac Shakur

    Looks like Hershel’s Spaghetti Tuesdays have been replaced with all you can eat of Bob on Fridays! :D

  • jtt

    Even if they ate his tainted leg, doesn`t everyone have the virus?

  • Sara

    Hmm.. with all the Morgan excitement last week, I wonder where has he wandered?

  • Harmya

    Man I was so right! Those nasty cannibals… tinted meat…

  • Harmya

    And when is episode 3 going to show on the “episode page”? It’s a pain in the neck to have to go tru all those wacos shows to find it…

    • streamonline

      you need to clear your browser cache, since the page must be cached at your place, try hitting ctrl+f5, you can also use search function to right side of the page to bring you the latest episodes always. enjoy!!

      • Harmya

        Big smack thanks a lot :)

  • Hydro Homey

    how do you get this to play ?

  • Victory_for_Freedom_2016

    “Can’t create video” TWD S5 E2?

  • Tyrone

    My cock is horny for the walkers

  • Tyrone