The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 16

Posted By CouchTuner On March 30, 2015






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  • Diogo Che

    1st :3

  • eenegus

    Morgan killed Glenn!


      Morgan killed your mom’s vagina !!SPOILER ALERT!!

  • Daryll Dave Agraan

    NO!!!!!! fucking pete… and oh morgan and rick ! who! and glenn why you didn’t kill him?

  • MrScruff

    sup nigros

  • flamingjune5dwj

    ohhhhhh snappppp! Can’t believe that this season is over already. That end tho! October seems to far…

  • Joe

    what was carols last line? the one she says to rick in the last 3 minutes?

    • Jess Moir

      “not yet” something like that -in other words, do not kill him until you are told

      • vickic

        Not yet,as in don’t show the gun.

  • 3minspastnever

    Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know sh*t about. Rick knows every fine grain of said sh*t…and then some.

    • Beth

      Abraham’s eloquence is just breathtaking. ;)

    • Ms. Oneal ツ

      His comment worked !

  • donnaeve

    The rev killed two walkers and rolled in the mud ,still didn’t get his white tee dirty,whad

    • JenkPac Shakur

      Clorox clean like a muhfugga.

    • AlvinoBrooka

      Maybe it’s Kanye West’s Tee?

      • CrazyCatLady

        Kanye West is a moron

    • MM

      In the middle of the zombie apocalypse, the reverend had a clean white tee to begin with, whad

      • Gunner

        Well, you kinda ruined it. If you FUCKING PAID ATTENTION! You would of seen and heard that they had clean clothes!!!! But you know, I forgive you’re stupidity.

        • MM

          Because this is the internet, in response to your attack on my intelligence, no matter how just, I must point out that it’s “your”, not “you’re”.

    • Ms. Oneal ツ

      Yea!? It’s like his shirt was covered in dirt repellant!

    • Kallian K

      God works in mysterious ways! :P

    • Jim Spradlin

      God don’t let his chirrin’ get’s the dirts on ‘em.

  • Jess Moir



    • WhateverMan

      Nonsense. The last time Rick saw Morgan, Morgan was all looney tunes in the attic of a house. I’m sure he’ll understand even if now Morgan’s taken on some sort of Buddhist-monk-zen-thing.

      • AlvinoBrooka

        He really Denzel Washington those wolves.

        • WhateverMan


          • AlvinoBrooka

            You clearly haven’t watched the The Book of Eli huh? Whatever man.

          • Magicman

            lol ik what ur talking about

        • Definitely Eli all the way.

    • Daniel Harris

      rick and morgan are best buddies ,I am so glad they are reunited

    • mark

      the ending was straight up out of the comics and morgan still likes rick he was just surprised to see him. Also if you look at the map morgan shows them it says on it must find rick so… i doubt he hates him now

  • Tracy Williams Jr

    Great season!! I like the fact that they are somewhat dragging the Wolves aka DC scavengers plotline a little longer, in the comic its just kinda a footnote. Anyways, I wish that the Spin Off would come on immediately haha like during the Walking Dead’s off season so that we have year around Walking Dead related stuff? haha im already suffering withdrawals. Dammit. iZombie aint really cutting the butter for me right now.

    • Hans Gruber

      iZombie is little more than a super-slueth show

    • WhateverMan

      The spinoff is gonna suck. It’s set in Los Angeles, as if the zombie apocalypse is only happening in the United States.

      Stupid, stupid move.

      • Tracy Williams Jr

        I hear you, but it is an American series and all. All who knows? Maybe it is only located in America? I mean if it originated here, somebody would have to be bitten and at least stay alive along enough to fly overseas. UK, etc etc. I think the Spin off series will be fine. Even the series thats on Playstation 3 is pretty good. Its two seasons so far and I think they are doing a 3rd for Playstation 4. Glenn guest stars in that series actually.

        • WhateverMan

          Is the Playstation series available on couchtuner or anywhere else besides PS? I’m an xbox user so…

          • Matthew Thomas Bowling

            I think he is referring to the game by Telltale Games. It calls its installments seasons.

          • WhateverMan

            Ah, thanks. That would’ve been a real letdown. LOL

          • Tracy Williams Jr

            You can watch the Playstation series on Youtube. Its broken into 5 episodes soo its kinda long, but remember its a video game so theres video game elements but I think its still enjoyable. Glenn is in the first season of the game. Shows where he was before he ran into Rick.

          • WhateverMan

            Thanks! I’ll check it out.

        • Beth

          The guy at the CDC in season 1 stated that it is a world-wide outbreak. I don’t recall them saying anything about where it originated. Considering how fast the outbreak happened and everything went to hell, they probably never really got the chance to trace it back to a point of origin.

          But seeing as how even the living are infected with a dormant version and automatically become zombies once they die, it’s not an issue that someone had to have been bitten and stayed alive long enough to have traveled overseas in order to spread the disease. The living overseas already have it, probably because once the dormant version came into existence, it was already being spread around without anyone realizing it long before the zombies even started popping up.

          I, for one, would be interested in seeing what they might make of things happening in the rest of the world, not just the U.S. Even if it is an American series, that is no reason for them not to be able to expand a bit and go overseas to create a story of what is happening there at the same time. There are plenty of examples of American television companies that have filmed shows set in other countries, and the same can be said for television companies in other countries producing shows set in the U.S.

  • NJsVeryOwn

    Gazellle twin -Love & mercy…….beautiful tune playing out the truck

  • dfdf

    Rick told that bitch to cut em’ off now look what happens

    • AlvinoBrooka

      He cut that bitch’s husband. I’ll be flying now. *swoosh*

  • Richard Watson

    OH MAN, what a tense episode! I was scared for Glen, i was scared for rick and i was scared for the people of Alexandria. Very good episode, already can’t wait for the next season. Jeez this is just the best tv show ever!

    • JenkPac Shakur

      Yeah I thought Glenn was a goner too even though he goes out far differently in the comics.

  • Jay Amheen Godiz

    That was unexpected and intense!!

  • Kal-El

    That three-head-chain whip was the coolest kill on the show so far. Triple Kill!

    • blink ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      he shoulda kept swingin it around everywhere! lol

      • AcousticWolf

        Coulda hit erun tho. so I understand why he didn’t

        • me notyou

          Who’s erun?

    • 3minspastnever

      That’s one of Daryl’s special moves, only unlocks after 10000 kills.

    • Daniel Harris

      zombie kill of the week

  • Clementine

    Loved this episode, although I’m a bit confused – isn’t it supposed to be 90 minutes long?

    • Matthew Thomas Bowling

      when they say that, it is counting commercial breaks as part of the run time. That’s why a half hour show on tv will only be about 20 or so minutes when watched without ads and 1 hour shows are usually around 45-50something.

      • Clementine

        Thank you for clarifying!

        • Matthew Thomas Bowling

          Thank you for the “thank you.”

  • Daniel Harris

    That ending ! I think we can expect change . Also why has glenn not killed that motherf*cker yet?

    • AlvinoBrooka

      “Moral grounds”

      Remember that he’s the one that reminded Rick that not all is lost.

    • Joe

      I really wanted the satisfaction of glen killing him too. it would have been immediate satisfaction that way. i think the potential for that dynamic really changes now. i wonder what will happen to those 2. Glen is such boss. he doesn’t want needless death or violence. he really is a big of a man. commands so much respect. <3

  • Shayne Trimm

    This episode though! I got mad when I thought that Glen was going to die. And I have no idea why Glen didn’t go through with killing that dude. He went as far as shooting you Glen and you carry him back to Alexandria? I’m sure the guy knows that Glen isn’t easy to kill. And what about Morgan? I wanna know what his actual reaction to Rick doming that dude is. So many questions this episode. Why in his heart of hearts does that priest douche think he’s the only one out of the group that actually belongs there? Unless what it showed at the end was him realizing that he doesn’t.

  • Chisomo Lungu

    How did it suddenly get dark. One min he is running from the gate, the next it’s pitch black real quick…0-100 real quick.

  • MM

    Spoilers -

    Everyone got their sh#t together and lived.

    Well… the characters we actually care about.

  • Dude Reg was super nice so I knew he was going to be a goner. I’m glad that asshole Pete is gone. Too bad he couldn’t take out someone else instead of Reg but I’m sure seeing her husband killed gave the head lady the reality she needed to see that everything is as Rick says…now what will she decide needs to be done with the other asshole when she realizes Glenn was shot? Waiting will be torture.

  • Jhazzrun

    i thought they said it would be 90 mintues long? only ~60minutes.

    • Youradumbass

      Are you stupid? Obviously they count the commercial run times

  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    The best season ending so far! I’m looking forward to the pre apocolyptic Walking Dead show coming this summer!

  • Mohd Saad

    Deanna was like Put. That. Bitch. Down!!

    Rick turns and shoots the motherfucker right in the face. Has way too much experience shooting fuckers in the FAAIIICEE!!!

    Morgan is like, Homie ..what you doing?

    Rick is like Duuuuudeeee, I thought you dead man. How you alive??!!

    Epic finisher to the season.

  • larrycorser

    they were hyping super hard that one of the group was going to die, come one really. who was the dude in the red poncho? was he just a guy, how did the wolves get the pictures of Alexandria? not a lot to leave as a cliff hanger but still good.

    • Joe

      aaron dropped his bag trying to escape. those pictures was the pictures of rick and gang before aaron invited them to alexandria.

  • wuuut

    I don’t get it, Some guys try to kill/take Morgan and he ends up putting them in the car alive this is obviously going to end badly.

  • wuuut

    Why does Morgan leave those two guys alive I mean wtf

  • wuuut

    They are seriously milking this show they have teased the Wolves for ages and they could of wrapped it up but again we are waiting untill next season.

    • Gunner

      Ummm, that is show business brother. Its fucking working, whatever they are doing.

  • Poncho Man

    Yeah Glenn! Kick that white boy’s ass!

  • hgyu

    i thought it was 90 minutes , only 64?

    • Gunner

      I FUCKING KNOW MAN!!! WTF. They fucking include commercials in their stupid times. They need to not do that because it gets our hopes UP!

  • Shady Caucasian

    Ergh… is down so now I’m on this shit version…

  • Gunner

    I just had an orgasm of excitement! I want season 6 to be released NOW! YOU FUCKING HEAR ME! NOW!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just really want to know what happens.
    P.s. I’m impatient

    • Marty Lee

      Same! Can’t wait!!

  • wuuut

    Im really starting to hate Carol, Beth was killed instead of her which was a stupid move and now she told Rick to not show the gun when Pete was attacking. If he pointed the gun how would Pete of killed Reg. Stupid Stupid decisons on this show.

    • Joe

      It was the final point in the show that got the alexiadrians to realize the fault in their ways. deanna realized she was making a grave mistake in not trusting in ricks group. her ideology in keeping the old world rules cost her her husband and son.

      i think ricks quotes summed it up ” how many of you do i have to kill to save you?”

  • akbeast

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jim Spradlin


  • The Walking Trivia

    I like how at the end when Rick shot Pete that Morgan, Daryl and the other guy looked in horror at Rick, I imagine them parts of Ricks conscience, Morgan for the difficulty in killing people especially loved ones. Daryl for Redemption (The error in his ways when he was with Merle) and the other guy for goodwill (allowing Ricks group to join Alexandria.)

  • Kai

    I’m far too emotionally invested in this show for it to be normal. Was just yelling “KILL HIM GLEN” at the screen

  • Michelle Acosta

    An awesome ending to the season. I can’t wait to start watching the next season.

  • AcousticWolf

    Great episode, quite a lot of character development, action, people almost died, new enemy, walker killing everywhere and basically everything I love about the show in one episode. Makes up for the half season where nothing happened in season 4. Hope this show gets better and better!!

  • blink ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Morgan the Free Man!

  • Roscoe

    Finally, a strong black male in the picture. All of the recent black male characters have been weak and edible.

  • Jemma Tasker

    Rick was soo ready for Deanna’s comment at the end!!

  • Oguz Ates

    That was an awesome Season Finale episode!!

  • RJ M

    Why did that zombie’s head explode?

    • BananaKing

      if you’re talking about the one that was ontop of rick then it exploded because of the overwhelming pressure rick put on it with his gun, in addition their brains are most likely already very soft.

  • awwffsgetagrip

    Carol is like Death with pasta bake

  • me notyou

    Hey dumb shits! This isn’t twitter, and I’m hoping you had a proper education. So cut the nonsense with abbreviations and misspelled words, because you come across as retarded.

    And if you don’t like my comment, Go Fuck Yourself.

    And, yes, vulgarity does have place if it gets your attention . . . dumbasses.

  • Linda

    Best ending! XD Can’t wait for Season 6!