The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 15

Posted By CouchTuner On March 23, 2015






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  • troll .


    • Baphomet

      Nope, you were third. Quit fronting.

      • troll .

        i was first .

        • Baphomet

          No way… I saw the other posts before you posted… SMH

  • Rielar

    Diana reminds me of president taylor from 24

    • Bobby Moore

      you said that on the other site

      • Rielar

        because i just relize this site has more comments than the other

    • WhateverMan

      I think her character’s name is spelled Deanna.

      • Rielar

        yup your right thx for the correction

        • WhateverMan

          I think you misspelled you’re. ;)

  • mark anonimus

    hopping more action in this one!

  • Joe

    somethings not right with that girl(the one karl likes)… i think she is in cahoots with the “w” people. i bet she’s been herding all those walkers to the walls.

    • Mustafa Quraishi

      W people are the wolves
      Which I’m pretty sure are the same people who took over Noah’s town

      • Tawnya Wright Miller

        Yeah, that body was chopped up just like the ones outside of Noah’s town.

      • WhateverMan

        I just sneaked a peek at the comic books storyline and the Wolves sound like the next “big bad.”

        • André Dias

          see what you did there #whovian

  • mark anonimus

    ho no…… have to wait next week

  • Tawnya Wright Miller

    Holy Swit! O man, that was bad!

    • Neto Ec

      I agree shit just got real. Its like rick was on meth or something, so strange.

  • Kal-El

    Rick just got Michowned!

    • Neto Ec

      To the TOP!

    • EyelessCrow

      Was that Rick? I thought it was Shane for a second.

      • raneanubis

        shit yeah you’re right, I didn’t even realise Rick has turned into the new Shane

  • Rix69

    Shit just got real

  • Cane

    wow that guy’s performance…jus gotta love him…go Rick fcking Grimes!!!

  • eminem

    beat the fuck out of this town rick plus i am on rick’s side

  • poiwjfowaf

    spoiler!!!! carl dies whilst protecting the girl he likes. her leade as mockery plants the “w” on his forehead

    • Baphomet

      Wow i can’t believe Carl dies right before they find the cure!

  • poiwjfowaf

  • poiwjfowaf


  • poiwjfowaf


  • poiwjfowaf


  • dem legs Watson

    The scene with Carl and Enid had some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen on this show. Hope their flirting ends soon because that was painful to watch.

  • Baphomet

    Hahaha, Rick was awfully close to going full retard there…

  • Oguz Ates

    Wow that was a shock, Rick just got KO’d!

  • Bill Nye

    Guys you try to get punched 10 times, choked, thrown out of a window, then choked again and try to talk reasonably. No one’s word should be taken too seriously after 5 concussions, give rick a break.

  • exoskull

    LMAOOOOOO BRAVO THE END IS FUNNY AS HELL, knocked rick out boy!!!