The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 14

Posted By CouchTuner On March 16, 2015






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  • Harmya

    Heartbreaking episode… :(

  • Kal-El

    I didn’t think it was possible to dislike Gabriel’s character anymore, I was wrong.

    • Caledonii

      Well… Gabriel`s the last black guy. So he must be getting worried lol,

      • MadCity19

        thats got me mad them niggz got my nigga killed frfr man glen should have off his shit

        • churchg13

          this whole sentence is gibberish

  • Tyler Oberg

    Alexandria=La La land….I’m almost disappointed how similar this is to the comics..

  • Ayang Dayrit

    I just Starting love noah, :( :( :(

    • Barry Allen

      I literally just made an account so I could down vote you.
      I hate stupid ppl who feel the need to spoil everything. Next time, try to be vague.

      • Sharry Liang

        Why even read the comments before watching the episode though? Isn’t kinda your own fault?

      • Tre_Ghost

        You’re the idiot who read the comment section before watching the episode. That’s just plain stupid

      • Christopher Lee

        Lmao you just wasted your time making a useless account to make your Basic Thinking Skills Epic Failure even more enjoyable, Thanks Moron! haha


    lol brotha’s can’t catch a break on the show.

    • Christopher Lee

      LoL NO ONE DOES, it’s the zombie apocalypse bub.

  • Lemon Cupid

    This was the goriest episode for a long while!

  • Stan Rorschach

    Gabriel is the biggest cunt of them all. Why couldn’t he have died sooner.

    • WhateverMan

      It might just happen — really soon. Remember, Maggie overheard that conversation.

      • MadCity19

        u think they ganna have Rick do it or his son lol as long as somebody off his shit i’m happy i cant belive that nigga is the last black guy frfr

  • Christopher Lee

    WoW most insane episode for a while! The GORE!

  • N3cola

    Seriously?!? Gabriel’s behavior is just unexplainable. And what about the boy’s blindness in front of that “armed” and armored zombie, silly scene.

  • ellichia

    cant wait for next week! should be good :D

  • yury

    Hey guys, what did the injured man said at 27*30-27*48. It was difficult to understand. (I’m ESL studend). Thanks

    • Attribule

      He said, “It was us. The others before – they didn’t panic.. we did, it was us.”

      He was admitting that him and his partner were the reason the other members of their team got killed before Rick and everybody showed up to Alexandria.

      • yury

        Thank you so much!

  • Sophie Quézel Poirier

    that song at 7:45 awsoooome :D You blocked me on Facebook, and now you’re going to DIE!!!! lolll

  • QueenV

    Gabriel is a pussy ass bitch! and really.. the white guy fucked the black guy over

  • Mohd Saad

    My god. What a fucked up episode. These guys never catch a break, do they? Is humanity really so deprave? It’s saddening. Somehow, I hope she doesn’t fall for Gabriel’s words. Son of a b****. He’s the one who let people die. Somebody do me a favor and eat his brains out? I’m talking to the zombies. Why do the good folks have to die?

  • Zacktan

    All this started because of Aiden shooting an armoured zombie coming out of nowhere and still does not know it’s armoured? And why is there even an armoured zombie in a warehouse anyway? What’s more Spencer “good” aiming and shooting on a grenade on the zombie’s chest? Who would put a grenade there? And him also landing on a few steel bars out of nowhere? Talk about so many convenient coincidences to advance the story plot. ; /

    And that dude Nicholas is such a damn coward that even that coward Eugene is a better man than him. : /

    • SSVeidt

      He did not shoot a grenade, he shot the oxygen tank on its back. Oxygen is flammable. The zombie was wearing a MASK, hence an oxygen tank. DURRR.

  • awwffsgetagrip

    Eugene is all party this episode

  • Oguz Ates

    Man I didn’t think Gabriel was more of a douche, but in this episode it turns out he is a super douche…

  • Serps

    This is going to sound weird, but the gore. Honestly. I know it’s a zombie show and all, but some things are better left to the imagination. I didn’t even like the characters that died this episode, but That’s a little much.

    Looks real, congrats, but shit man. That’s a little too brutal.

  • Junzi

    I don’t get how people don’t like this show the human story is fantastic

  • ♚I Envy Your Face♚

    I feel so sad for Dr.Deaton, it’s like he cannot forgive himself for all the sins he’s done. Tearing all the pages from the bible.
    Well I’m glad he’s back to Teen Wolf again, I missed him.

    If there ain’t no vet, then who’s gon’ save the pets. ..or just Scott McCall since he always fucks up. <3