The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 12 Remember

Posted By CouchTuner On March 2, 2015






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    • Harmya

      Everybody.. say hello to little Jack… the poor guy has no friends! Hello Jaaaaack!

  • Hans Gruber

    Daryl’s new job is local thug.

  • Harmya

    Nice… Settling in could turn into weakening the group… The fence are holding from the outside! Not good. They have to watch out for the people who killed Noah’s people at that camp.. When is Morgan showing up? Turning in weapons.. Not good. If your under attack by outsiders or walkers? Defend yourself with harsh language! Is Rick going to turn into some kind of Governor?

    Can’t wait to get to the next episode!

    • #OITNB

      From the comics, the Alexandria Safezone is a good place. They should be here for quite awhile. They will leave for maybe a few episodes at a time but this will be their “base” to say.

      • Harmya

        I think I like that they’ve found a place… especially for Judith! But, I’m afraid that we miss all the fun in fighting to survive! Thanks “OITNB ;)

        • #OITNB

          Well Alexandria is a big part of the comics but there are tons of other things from the comics too. They will still show them leaving and doing other things all together, I don’t know, we’ll have to wait and watch.

  • #OITNB

    I really like Ricks and Michonne’s friend ship, they are much more alike than I thought. I really dislikes Rick’s attitude toward the town, it’s annoying. He doesn’t need to let his guard down to be comfortable…

  • Lynn Ivins

    I think it’s another Woodberry.

    • Caz

      or another woodberry to be

  • raneanubis

    Rick is legit a new Governor. They got good manpower to be able to take that place. That chick who cut his hair is in search of new D. She will stumble onto Rick’s dick at some point.

    • Mohd Saad

      You win comment of the day award. Not sure her husband will be all too happy with her stumbling over Rick’s ‘D’. He seemed like he already has jealousy issues.

      • Brent

        The whole husband thing could be just a dream, because in the next scene you can see him waking up..

        • MrFinalgamer

          Nope he ain’t a dream. He’s Pete Anderson, the surgeon Aaron talked about last episode…and he is a dick.

  • Mohd Saad

    Ooh I just love the way he dodged that punch and gave one right in the FACE! The moron never saw it coming. I hate cocky bastards. Daryl is like ‘Let me at that guy. Let me at him.’ haha.

    This is a good turn of events. A stable ground for the group to rest and recover for awhile. Hope it lasts. It might make them a little weak since they are letting their guard down and letting their survival instincts cool down, but they need this. Cho is right, if they went on being so strung out like that, partly thanks to Terminus, they would have eventually lost it. It seems like there is someone out there that might be a threat to them, they might have taken Rick’s gun and also the ones meeting the girl. She might be a spy.

  • mz.xoxo

    ooooh, no beard Rick! me likey;>

  • Kal-El

    Rick lost a good friend this episode..

    R.I,P. -Beard

  • John Walent

    Starting to see a darker side of Rick beginning to emerge! “If they can’t make this work, we’ll take over”.

    • Seiji2016

      If you just saw the darker side of Rick you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Oguz Ates

    Wow that ending showed a different side of Rick.

  • Rick Grimes

    if anybody has actually looked through the whole comic series then you will know exactly what happens, and its going to be great

  • josh

    more episodes, when will they be on this site??? :)

  • BananaKing