The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 11 The Distance

Posted By CouchTuner On February 23, 2015






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  • #1

    1st, yolo

  • #OITNB

    Ricks really annoying!

  • #OITNB

    Someone is losing an arm by the end of this season, First they kept showing his hand being hurt, then Sasha cut his arm, than tyresse’s arm was bit, now they showed someone pulling the arm off of a walker. So much foreshadow.

  • Hans Gruber

    How are they going to keep the Winnebago running without Dale?

  • Harmya

    #OITNB you can say that again! Annoying and pretty stupid sometimes… he almost got the whole group killed by taking another route than the one already cleared… !$%4

  • Mohd Saad

    Rick. Stop being a sour puss about people trying to eat you. It happens to all of us man. Get over it. Be careful, not stupid. Gawd. Although it did get fishy when there weren’t any people in the photographs. Exposure excuse. Yeah right. And It was a good decision taking another route, but not at night. Poor visibility got them fucked.

    • raneanubis

      Nah, he’s being cautious with his squad’s movement. You would be cautious too if every time you think you’ve found a safe haven, you get people wanting to destroy it/ twisted people wanting to eat you/ some dodgy priest.

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    In the comics, this is the beginning of a lot of stuff. good news: Carl gets to shine. bad news: RIP Glenn

    • eagan

      the moment glen dies ,ill stop watching

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        being as you watch it for free, on a streaming site, I think HBO will be ok with that.

        • eagan

          this whole mid season has been an epic fail.

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            so stop watching, are you being held in some kind of “clockwork orange” chair? no? then stfu.

          • eagan

            you mad bro? lol

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            what a stupid reply to make, are you watching this from 2007 or something?

          • Not-a-Mad-Person

            He must be mad, spoiling a amazing show weather its different to the comic or not, Spoiling is class a a dick move in the Bro code, your being a dick. not even putin would accept this kind if Dickness you nonce.

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            if it is different from the show I am not spoiling anything, dickhead. I was pointing out that we are coming to a major plot point in the show.

        • Tyler Oberg

          The Walking Dead is on AMC not HBO. I’m a huge fan of both the comic and the show, and from my point of view yr just being a huge dick…..stay classy…

    • Tre_Ghost

      Would you mind not spoiling parts of the show for us? Thanks

      • Bawk Bawkbagawk

        would you mind not crying about info you could EASILY find out for yourself? oh and FYI the show and the comic have little in common at this point so dont get your panties in a bunch.

        • Tre_Ghost

          Anyone can look for spoliers, leave that to the person looking for them, instead of putting it in the faces of people watching the show. It’s just common courtesy.

          • Bawk Bawkbagawk

            pssst: it isnt a spoiler the comic and the show went in different directions from season one. for example: judith is dead in the comic. carl killed the kid that was off his [not her] chain and it was the old guy who got caught by the cannibals. so: not a spoiler.

          • raneanubis

            Dude… chill. People read the comments to see what other people thought about the episode, not to have the whole season spoiled for them. Have a little respect for the people not wanting to know what happened.

  • Caz

    Where are all the people in Alexandria?!?! Hmmmm something fishy going on!!

  • wallice

    massive hallucinations are a bitch

  • Ganja

    Rick is fair. He will listen to what his family has to say and give any hope a chance while being absolutely cautious about it. He is only trying to keep them safe. Rick is the man.

    • Guest

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  • Kal-El

    No matter what, the food in Alexandria’s gonna be way better than it was in Terminus.

    • Tyler Oberg

      Not a fan of “long pig” I take it…..

  • ballsack

    lol, these niggas is gay

    • Tre_Ghost

      I really dont know why that just made me laugh so hard lmao

  • ScroogeMcDuck86

    Bunch of fucking retards. Rick is so annoying. I hate this show. This was the last episode I ever watch. They are complete useless and it doesn’t happen anything. Its a rare show where you actually want every main character dead. Even Daryl has become a sissy.

    • superbutthole

      do you even English, bro? The guy who can hardly speak telling the actors and directors how to do their jobs. You defeat yourself friend. Youre just too stupid if youre not entertained by this show. Thats your fault, not theirs.

      • Tre_Ghost

        Must be why hes Scrooge. Heh

    • raneanubis

      Guarantee you’ll be watching this next week.

  • MaNiggaz

    Shits about 2 go down, I CAN FEEL IT !!!

  • Romz Roses

    Rick is the definition of a leader. Why do I feel warm and safe every time he says ‘A’rright’. I really want something awful to happen so that next time Rick has a plan, they don’t second guess him.

    • Harmya

      Huh? You don’t think that Rick’s great idea to take another route than route 16, which was clearer was bad enough dude?

  • John Walent

    Alexandria is a trap!

    • Harmya

      Maybe… but I hope not! Speculations: Maybe the F… bastards who killed everyone at the Noah’s camp did the same at this camp?

  • Harmya

    Well thinking about A, I guess they were pretty lonely so they went out fishing to find people to join them… Just a guess… no that’s a hope!

  • Harmya

    Cette fin de saison promet d’être vraiment bien… Pourquoi n’y avait-il personne dans le village d’après les clips du prochain épisode???? Hum!

  • Tribal Outcast

    I’m sorry but will these people ever learn?…look what happen to the Woodbury arc you have a maniac leader of the community, proceeded by the terminus community filled with psychotic batshit insane cannibals. Starting to think it’s going to be those rinse and repeat plotline

  • aleabbvamps

    the kiss between aaron and the other guy is definitly the most exiting thing in this episode

    • raneanubis


    • Harmya

      Definitely gross!

  • Harmya

    Will Morgan be a major … friendly? help? … or a problem?

  • yungplayer

    gay as fuck that ruined the whole episode that shit makes me sick why they got be showing that. I’m not trying to have my kids see that on tv

    • Harmya

      I so agree with you… just disgusting !

    • Popsigirlaoife

      So you’re cool with them seeing cannibalism – as in, PEOPLE EATING EACH OTHER – but two men in love can’t kiss?

  • Oguz Ates

    That was an okay episode, good not great…Rick shows a tiny bit of vulnerability in this one.

    • Harmya

      vulnerability? where & when?

  • Harmya

    Hum! Once more Rick shows how tough he is by hitting a guy all tied up! No balls!