The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 No Sanctuary

Posted By CouchTuner On October 13, 2014






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  • The Cleaner

    as always zombies no problem taking care of the dead easy , is the other assholes that breath that are the real monsters always have been aways will be just read your history . at least with lol zombies they seem to all want the same thing. more brains he he he he he he he he

    • Nataku

      wtf is a lol zombie

      • Nash K.

        Laugh out loud zombies..haven’t you heard of them? They’re especially frightening at dusk when their screeching laughter carries through the forest and into the lands..

  • GeorgeGunz

    The Walking Dead VS Z Nation!

    • Nicki Hero

      Z nation is just a crappy rip off

      • scott01634

        i know its a bit of a rip of but i suppose it has its own flavour its not to bad something to watch

  • elizbet

    Bruh this is one of the best episode ever i need more more more

  • QueenV

    Reunited and it feels so good

  • Dan

    it doesn’t work

  • ragnar

    carol is the most bad ass mother on the face of this planet. in season 1 i liked her being the average mom at the time. season 2 hated her cause 90% was her crying. season 3 i didnt care much for her but i kinda liked her. season 4 i thought they should just kill her off. now she is in the top 5 most badass characterson the show.

    • mexicancomicreader

      she commites sucide in the comics

      • Stoogis

        dude spoiler alert in future please

  • Herman

    It was worth waiting 10 years for, zombie years that is.

  • Michael Ivanov

    this was the best i loved it good job amc


    What did the girl mean by not again at the end of the episode?

    • thatoneguy

      i think its what that lady that carol shot…she said the people that ran terimus were murders and rapists

    • † Ignorance Is Bliss ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      She didn’t want to be raped again, also the lady that they threw into the train was the leader’s mother and promised to slaughter them like animals aka why they became cannibals in the first place.

  • Hans Gruber

    For me, it was the stack of teddy bears that was most disturbing.

    • Stoogis

      I found the bit where they are slaughtering happy raver and the other 3 like cattle the most disturbing just behind herschel’s head

  • AHA


    • AHA



        Naww Bitch

      • Adeel

        fck how the hell i forgot about morgan 0_o

    • Mathieu Paquette

      you forgot morgan!!!! watch the video till the very end



  • JenkPac Shakur

    Carol= female version of Rambo now.

    • AHA

      JenKPac Shakur = Faggot shithead now.

      • Ethan Park

        AHA = dick sucking, inbred cracker then and now

        • AHA

          Ethan Park = Cocksucking nigger then and now aha

          • FORDMTRUNION

            AHA and Ethan Park= Two girls one cup now.

    • Wholecar

      Ay Carambo

  • Clementine

    This show is my life

    • dylan tavite

      you are my life

      • aleabbvamps

        morgan es in my life

        • Adeel

          I guess life really sucks in this show ;)

  • Arctic


    • Edward Schäfer

      I swear to god i thought i would dream

      • awwffsgetagrip

        looks like he got his shit back together after his breakdown

        • Edward Schäfer

          true dat.

    • Frost


  • Kal-El

    Breaking News! They were indeed screwing with the wrong people.

  • Любомир Любенов

    I think that season 5 will be the most epic one. Season 2 and 3 were so boring,. Season 4 was not bad. I hope that in season 5 there will be more action than before.

  • Любомир Любенов


  • Grim

    Season 5 will be the best I think. Season 1 wasn’t the best in my opinion, but from there it got better and better!

  • AliceGirl1234 .

    Fuck yeah! Morgan’s back! XD

    • aleabbvamps

      i cant figure out why you inserted the XD face in this sentence

      • AliceGirl1234 .

        Why not? :P

  • Brian Sharpes

    Great 1st episode

  • ekoaprilyanto

    morgan is back… impossible… yeahhh

  • Danny Velasquez

    This episode is just the beginning I have it’s going to get better and better!! Loved it!

  • Evie

    Loved every minuet of it. So good to see them all back together! I couldn’t believe my reaction at the end when the masked man was Morgan…I punched the air shouting ‘Yes’, I do get a bit carried away lol!!

    • Daryl x<3 carol x<3

      It’s not Morgan it’s father Gabriel…

      • Daryl x<3 carol x<3

        Ohh! It is Morgan I didn’t watch it till the end but did the second time XD

    • Candice Johnson

      All of them aren’t back together!!!! What about BETH?! We don’t know what happened to her!

  • Sara

    It’s so funny that sometime’s they get all the zombie blood all over themselves to go undetected but yet they rather stay clean and obvious to zombies 99% of the time!

    • Junzi

      Sanitation is kinda important

  • Mathieu Paquette

    ha haha gotta wtach the video till the very end!!!!

  • Mathieu Paquette

    Morgan Is back !! kinda wonder why they left signs all over the trees when they still have terminus ennemies after them.. kinda stupid if you ask me…nice episode all the way

  • chantelle

    will it work on xbox360 or ps3 without signup??

  • will

    why do i have to sign up??? help

  • kai weir

    unreal im speachless that buzzing im shaking

  • Kitty Fagermo

    my friend recommend a secure link to watch The Walking Dead Season 5- “No Sanctuary”

  • josiah

    Tony did you watch this yet? lol

  • areca constantino

    i cant open :’( pls teach me how to open this movie :(

  • Mikeyeng

    Welcome back twd welcome back

  • Bigjoe275

    Carol will you marry me now

  • Brian D.

    Hands down One hard core episode for a great beginning for season 5……..It seems like the old Rick is coming back out and once again take command of the pack. After they made it out every one was a little emotional from what the hell just happened and just wanted to get out of there. Now Rick on the other hand, back to business and the letting people and things slide is over, no loose ends….Time to survive

  • Junzi

    Rick, in his head, has to be like “fuck, now i’ve gotta take care of a baby”

  • Farmerjoe999888777

    well at least it was a quick death in terminus

  • aleabbvamps

    i still wonder how tf does judith have such a nice sweater in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

  • aleabbvamps

    forget everything i ever said about daryl and beth being together
    carol and daryl
    thats the real deal

  • Jake

    Was there anything before this because it all seems very confusing to me

  • Harmya

    What’s happening with couchtuner! so many episodes of EACH show is missing, or not working!
    Like here; TWD s5ep1 none of the links proposed are working!
    Guys, thanks 4 the great job until now, but…
    it’s no use to throw in so many unnecessary series, if the whole thing just go on crumbling down day after day!!
    Why not be couragous enough to CLEAN UP, delete all what made the whole mess, and go back to what made CT, CT!
    Most of us are wasting our time praying 4 that…

  • Harmya

    Oh by the way; TheVid takes u on a trip to another page, asking u to create a free account to watch! Once you start, it than takes u to another page asking for credit card info!!!!!!!! specifying that ur credit card will not be charged…!!! Hahaha… (nice try… old con trick) so why asking for it in the 1st place???? Pfff

    • streamonline

      Links have been fixed now, and did you use adblocker to access the site btw? we really cant help with hosts ads in this case, that’s their priority.

      • Harmya

        yes I use adblocker! is that why it doesn’t work? tks 4 answering :)

        • streamonline

          Well using adblocker should have helped, guess these hosts are getting nasty these days, even adblocker cudnt stop them, lol, well it only happens rarely, most of the time adblocker does its magic completely. all the best

          • Harmya

            Thanks ;)

  • Cindy

    How do you download the shows on a flash drive?

  • Cin P