The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 I Alone

Posted By CouchTuner On December 5, 2014





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  • Henry Cahill


  • Corey Vogue


  • Caz

    Really sensing a whole vampire and human war coming on, friends turned into enemies…guys – matt, jeremy, stop bitching and join the team in kicking kai’s butt and then when you’re still angry then go all Rage Warrior with a Vengeance !!

  • Punky Jo

    Poor Bonnie, the poor girl is broken to peices. She’s going to come out of that hell hole depressed as anything =(… i see where Julie is taking this!

  • Guest

    if it was 1944 how does Damon have a Nirvana album…? =S

    • Tyler


    • Erica

      It wasnt 1944 it was 1994. Both Bonnie and Elena were little kids.

  • TvLover

    Finally we have a sufficient storyline again. honestly, i was getting tired of the lovey dovey, healing process they were passing off as episodes. People are dying, somebody finally picked up a weapon, and we have a villain again. True not as scary as Kathrine or the Mikaelsons, still…we shall see.

  • Crazy Wooo

    i really like this bad guy he is fun .

  • Crazy Wooo

    i really like this bad guy he is fun .

  • alex

    boyz to men…Stephan

  • alex

    boyz to men…Stephan

  • Girlbye

    Oh my god I’m so sick of Bonnie always getting the short end of the
    stick..ALL THE TIME..I swear after all the crap they’ve put Bonnie
    through they better do something EPIC with her character for God’s sake,
    I’m so done with this bs..& dumbass jeremy would rather whine &
    complain about everything rather than do everything it takes to get her
    and never give up, SHE FREAKING DIED FOR HIM UGHHH..that gilbert family
    are freaking annoying ass quitters, someone’s gone & what do they
    do, they compel all their memories away or become bum drunk losers who
    have checked out..Bonnie deserves better friends and more importantly a
    better man who would die for her like she has for them god only knows
    how many freaking times this has me all worked up..Anyway,
    she’s the strongest character ever seen on television

  • ♚I Envy Your Face♚

    Gah I think I ship Bonnie and Damon

  • Catherine

    how has matt survived six seasons on a show which kills like 3 humans per episode ?? #ohwait #magicgilbertringacoupletimes