The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 7 Do You Remember The First Time?

Posted By CouchTuner On November 14, 2014





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  • Punky Jo

    Come on Elena… break the god damn compulsion and stop being so weak! Gah, she’s annoying at time’s, as much as i love the girl!

    • Caz

      I miss the days when Elena was all self sacrificing stabbing herself in the gut and fooling elijah in name of her family and friends’ safety and not getting alaric to compel every good memory of Damon from her mind…..seems pretty selfish and far cry of who Elena really is!!

  • Gideon

    I’m guessing the guy trapped with Bonnie is Alaric’s new girlfriend’s brother

    • Angie

      I was thinking she can be Esther’s sister lol

  • Katelyn Monroe

    I think this was one of the best episodes of the entire series

    • Punky Jo

      I’ve just watched it twice haha, so yh, i agree! lol xx

      • Punky Jo

        I’ve got a feeling next episode is going to be even better tho =D xx

  • Jessica Thomas

    Well this episode was emotional! I like it! I think they should do more episodes like this… can’t wait for next weeks episode I wonder when bonnie, if she does, come back

  • The Originals / TVD / Teenwolf

    so emotional last song got me tearingg

  • Oatmeal_

    Aweh. Damn, I was just starting to ship Kai and Bonnie! And, lol 2 ships ended this episode (maybe) Steroline and Delena. Now there’s room for Carenzo! Delena is probably going to happen as much as I find Elena annoying, Damon still needs his happy ending.

    • Killian Shaughnessy

      stop all of that

  • Madison

    Playing with my feelings…. This episode seems to love doing that

  • Nomi

    I find Damon and Bonnie brother/sister friendship the cutest thing, it just works. Maybe and hopefully he will help bring her back?

  • Tess

    Im not sure if I missed something but did Stephan ever realize who Tripp really was? Did Tripp meet his daughter? I can’t believe they would waste such a character before taking advantage of all of the dramatic story lines oozing out of his pores.

  • Amlu

    i can’t digest the fact that he had actually let her go
    i hate elena for erasing her memories.. poor damon :(
    the last scene was romantic but sad :’(

  • vampfan420

    stephen and caroline need to fricken kiss and date already its too painful watching either one of them walk away with the sad music playing

  • Caz

    I say Caroline, Stefan or Damon give a desperate call to New Orleans tell our favourite Originals to come and un-compel Elena and shake things up while they’re in town…like bringing a few witches in tow to break that pesky curse on the town preventing vampires from entering yknow? whose with me? :)

    • ariane

      so true