The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5 The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Posted By CouchTuner On October 31, 2014



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  • Roxane Drolet

    most amazing episode ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwww the feels !!!!!! the loast 5 minutes made me emotional !

  • SARA


    • Caz

      i still reckon bonnie will find a way back through….

  • Caz


    Talk about everything imploding all around ya ….

  • Lulu Ibrahim

    Yaaaaaa he’s back ): but Bonnie :(

  • Naomi228

    Can’t wait to find out what’s up with Alarics compulsion, and to see what happens when people get reunited…awkward…

    • Caz

      i reckon that girl (whats her name again? lol)….is another supernatural creature thats why she cant be compelled

  • The Originals / TVD / Teenwolf

    bonnie ;o Damons back just when elena starts having feelings for the doctor guy
    Perfect .-.

  • Shabydoll

    Cutest last 2 mins ever! Not the same old running to ur girl who moved on too soon. Ian is the heart of this show!! ❤️

  • Erica

    OMG! I cried too. What i wouldnt give to be a Salvatore sandwich right then! lol. Amazing episode. Anyone realize that the doctor is the Gemini Witch that Malicah let live??

    • Caz

      oh is that who she is? I just thought she was like another supernatural creature that we’ve yet to discover lol

      • Erica

        I dunno… Malicah said that he let the youngest live…just without her spleen. Then Doc (i forgot her name) said to Alaric that she had family problems or something and his compulsion didnt work on her. Its just a theory.

  • raddack

    am i the only dude that watch this XD