The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 16

Posted By CouchTuner On March 13, 2015





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  • Lynn Ivins

    Caroline is even more annoying now! UGH!

  • Ayana

    Wtf!!! Seriously? Why would the writers put Stefan through this again?? knowing how it affects him. He become a ripper for crying out loud. I clearly do not see why they would shut off Caroline’s humanity switch either. It is super repetitive, we already know how vampires are with their humanity switched off.. Stefan, Elena, Caroline and back to Stefan. The writers clearly just needed fillers for this season. I love VD, just don’t like what they are doing to Stefan or Caroline. Plus Caroline is way hotter with her humanity. When she is trying to be bad, it seems forced, laughable, and extremely weird.

    • nick barker

      I totally agree with your point about the writing of this show. The last couple of seasons has left me scratching my head and considering dropping the show altogether. The Originals has overtaken its predecessor as the best show on tv in my humble opinion. I disagree about Caroline though she’s way hotter bad! Honestly she couldn’t be anything other than hot if she tried.

      • Ayana

        It’s true about Originals. I love that show. There is so much good stuff going on and the characters are totally bad ass and lovable. And yes, Caroline couldn’t be anything but hot if she tried. However, she is so much hotter with her humanity. With her humanity switch turned off, she is both hot and annoying. Those two adjectives shouldn’t go together. That is unless, it’s Kai. Totally love him BTW <3

  • Zelda1337

    Haven’t we seen this storyline already, both Elena and Stefan has turned off their humanity…?