The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 11 Woke Up With a Monster

Posted By CouchTuner On January 23, 2015





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  • Ayana

    Kai!!!! I know I should probably hate Kai, but I don’t. I just can’t hate him. He is totally psychopathic and scary yet weirdly cool. I find him funny and the writers have his personality on point! Kai says and does these little things that makes you wanna see more of his character. I really dont get what is Enzo’s problem. I first loved his character but now he is becoming a bit annoying. As for Caroline, what are you doing love?? I know you are desperate, but u usually give the test subject time to show not only improvements but relapses, before coming to a final conclusion. I hope Sheriff Forbes will be okay. It is also weird the things Elana has a sense of humor for, lol. I just LOVE Vampire Diaries <3

    • Staz

      i just cant hate him cause hes so fucking hot and he delivers the character so well the attraction is just a bonus.

  • Cassie Salvatore

    I just wish they would TURN LIZ! I don’t want her to die…

  • melanie123

    ugly show!!!! and they dare planning to have season 7 pfffff

  • Coleen

    Liz will be saved but I think klaus will have to save her!! I think only an original can save her x

  • Parisamour

    Why didn’t they just kill kai when he was in the school
    I mean i doubt hell find a way back if they take his heart out, but hey u never know with this show

  • Anthony

    were is bonnie… come on now

  • Jessica Thomas

    Am I the only one who hates Elena… I feel as though she’s changed so much, and not for good reasons. I feel as though she thinks she can have her way with Damon and it’s really annoying… My favourite character is Kai although he’s a dick from hell he’s funny as hell and so cool! I would love to get to know more about him before he turned evil

  • Catherine