The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 10 Christmas Through Your Eyes

Posted By CouchTuner On December 12, 2014





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  • TvLover

    Them – “Caroline’s mom has cancer”
    Me – “so give her vampire blood and heal her….Done. Problem solved (i’m so smart)”
    Them – “Vampire blood doesn’t heal cancer”
    Me – “so Vampire blood cures death but not cancer….how convenient. (way to not make any sense Ms Plec)”

    • Caz

      that doesn’t make ANY sense whatsoever! Vampire blood should technically be able to CURE anything!! Well how bout Caroline’s mum should go find a Goa’uld (no wait she be evil tyrannical ruler) sorry…find a peace loving Tok’ra and she be cured by suffer from two sets of people living inside her brain….why cant this happen?

      Uhhh….wrong show….bugger!!

      • What you going on about son

        • Caz

          First of all…and im not trying to be a smart ass here but im not a “Son” … im a lady last time i checked, so “lass” would be more accurate ;)

          Throughout the series (of the Vampire Diaries) vampire blood has been able to cure anything to people bleeding out, stab wounds and I could go on….I just think its convenient to the suit the storyline that julie plec has made it that Sheriff Forbes cant be cured by cancer…
          And where Ive mentioned Goau’ld and Tok’ra, Im guessing you have never watched an old TV scifi series called Stargate SG1? Was pretty popular back in the 90′s ??

          And there was several circumstances in that show where a character was ill or dying this particular species (Goa’uld or Tok’ra) was used to cure the character’s terminal illness…

          So I drew parallels….but fantasy aside…from a realism point of view I guess I can see why the writers have chosen NOT to use Vampire blood has a scapegoat that there is STILL human issues and theres nothing more shocking especially on a supernatural show where a character dies in a humane manner such as cancer not killed off by something supernatural….

      • Mizumura Shinta

        no in order for tht blood to save her means they would have tokill her turn her in a vamp which no 1 wants hence the blood itself isnt for healing cancer n no it cant heal ebola lol

        • Caz

          There has been only one another scene where Vampire Blood hasnt been able to heal someone was with Tim (from The Originals, a friend of Davia whose a witch) cuz he got poisoned by Klaus and vampire blood didnt help….

          so technically you’re right in a sense that a person has to have vampire blood in their system when they die to transition into a vampire and i dont see Sheriff Forbes going down that road.

          I was only commenting that the fact the writers had conveniently said vampire blood couldnt heal such a thing as cancer whereas with any other illness or wound its no worries….THATS my point!! lol

      • Punky Jo

        vampire blood can not cure a disease. Only sudden death.. and heal open wombs.

        • Caz

          correction: if you remember in the harvest ep in this season. Elena feed blood to a girl who got ran over by tyler’s truck and at the end of the ep it was said that she had an incurable disease so thats FALSE!

          but later….

          Elena had to compel her very human bf who i cant remember his name,
          mr dull and boring cuz he was investigating as to what happened with
          this girl and how elena managed to save her life and later discovered this girl had an a serious incurable disease but she had later no trace of it.

          If the writers say that vampire blood cant cure human diseases. FINE>>>>but why heal this girl’s disease and not sheriff forbes? i tell you…..BECAUSE THERE IS A LOOPHOLE to the writer’s writing themselves into a corner!!!!

          Simple as that!! tvd has slowly been going downhill the last season or so. im only watching for damon, caroline, enzo and bonnie, the rest i dont care about

    • Ayana

      From what i have seen so far, vampire blood can save people who may also be saved by doctors if taken to the hospital in time, It just heals you a lot faster. It doesn’t cure u if u are already dead, it cures u if u are about to die which means there is still time for u to be saved.. Making sense? But cancer is a lot more complicated. A doctor can’t always save a patient with cancer and even if they do cancer never really goes away. No one has yet found a cure for cancer and there is no guarantee that the vampire blood would cure her. Even if they gave her the blood just to experiment, she may still die and if she dies with the vampire blood in her system she will become a vampire. She accepted Caroline as a vampire after a while but she wouldn’t like to become one. In my opinion. Hope it makes sense to you.

      • Ayana

        From what i have seen so far, vampire blood can save people who may also be saved by doctors if taken to the hospital in time, It just heals you a lot faster. It doesn’t *save u* if u are already dead, it *saves u* …. I meant save for that point not cure :)

  • Mani Kandang
  • Tess

    They really blew that one!


    best epp so far

  • Jessica Thomas

    This has got to be my favourite episode of this season by far! Possible the the whole show!

  • Catherine

    Steroline need to kiss already GODDAMMIT. SAME CAN BE SAID FOR DELENA