The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1 I’ll Remember

Posted By CouchTuner On October 3, 2014



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  • Riya Khurna

    Watch Vampire diaries Season 6 episode 1 online here>>>

  • Riya Khurna

    I think what ever Grams did, wiped Bonnie and Damon’s mind clean and sent them back as humans. How else could they be in mystic falls, which is supernatural free and not remember it. a place where you can find all the tv shows information

  • Katra A Aidid

    klaus should come back and help caroline since he was in love with her and his an original so he might know a way to help her and hopefully they end up together because tyler seems to move on

  • dddddamon

    how is elena and alaric still in mystic falls cause when other vampires try getting in the cant so wahts so different about them?

    • Angelina

      Whittmore is not in Mystic Falls

  • Alison

    Elena and Alaric ain’t in mystic falls

  • zanka notachi

    this show is getting annoying and freak, there is no plot, damon and elena r disgusting, this is not a romance show, if julie plac run out of the idea,just ended the show.

    • btchplease

      you can always just stop watching the show you know

  • ROLO

    can i download this file?

  • Celin

    I’m just soo confused about where the heck Damon and Bonnie is now..