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Posted By CouchTuner On May 16, 2014





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  • Lady Tsunade

    Oh god :(

  • Papi

    Nonononononono no way! All of many people that could have been killed they decised to kill Damon :c

    • Michelle Davis

      Grams Put something in the works. I think Hes going to come back out with Bonny.

  • Helen

    Dear god I’m a blubbering mess!

  • Damon will come back in season 6 it’s obvious. They would lose too many viewers if he was killed off for good. Let’s hope Bonnie comes back too. Where did Lexi & Gramms go ? They said they found peace, does that mean they aren’t on the other side anymore? Did Damon & Bonnie find peace too, where did they go? So many questions!!! But at least Alaric is back.

    • th_one

      Gramz probably sacrificed herself so bonnie can be saved. Silis got sucked in to the dark side, where catherine should be. They will probably come back as more powerful villians, oh n maybe marcos, if bonnie comes back she will come back as a witch

    • me

      Sorry to disappoint you but he has been quoted as saying tvd doesn’t have a lot of life left in it time for me to go on to other things, I hope online sources are all wrong but I don’t think they are.. they will lose a lot of viewers but its his choice at this point that’s why I think tvd will only last one more season just to wrap up

  • delly

    i cried

  • ve

    I can’t stop crying

  • Lovergirl Leah


  • JT

    The best thing to happen to TVD this season is that Alaric is back! Best way to end this season. I loved how this season brought back the old characters like Lexy and Vicki, hopefully they come back with Damon and Bonnie in the next season.

  • me

    The actor who plays Damon on the show contract was up and he has moved on to better things…happens a lot, a show makes an actor famous he leaves to make movies so the show either replaces them or kills them off….He will be missed

    • Emma salvatore

      His signed up for 6 seasons

  • heuheuheuheu

    on the other hand
    (damon is coming back btw true fact!)


  • Nina Dobrev

    i have answers to all of your questions about bonnie and damon!
    this is what Julie Plec (co-maker of tvd) says (the big words are the words she pronounce):

    Below, Plec explains what happened to Bonnie and Damon – IAN SOMERHALDER AND KAT GRAHAM WILL BE SEEN IN SOME FORM, she confirms – and previews how those left behind will react to their absence in Season 6. (I’m especially worried about Stefan going “dark.”)

    ps: i want my baby back :(

    • Nina Dobrev

      sorry for my english ;)

  • Madchild Nikki

    i really cant stop crying the plan was to bring back everyones loved ones but yet ppl lost someone

  • issac mcbride

    So does this make Stefan Alaric Enzo and all the others who came back from the other side humans again? I hope not! If they are human will they get turned again if that’s possible or will they stay human.
    Plus are they going to reverse the spell?

  • Korina Espino

    You know if Elena’s dumbass hadn’t died, then that would have been less of a toll for Bonnie. Technically, Elena took Damon’s ticket back. Anyone else notice this?

  • Jellie


  • ally

    you know what I realized its pretty much lukes fault he made liv stop the spell wich is why the second damon gt there he was out of time.

  • ally

    so anoying!!!! while im watching adds will start playing like every 4 mins but i cant mute them or exit out of them because there invisible idk is this happening to any of you?

  • ally

    like literally when damon died and elena was weeping a guy started talking about a new toyota

  • ally

    the second damon said I love You i literally wailed and cried for two hours just woke up because i passed out i ran out of breath thats how much i love damon and how much i love this show thiis is my second time watching this series and my second time crying my eyes out when damon died. but then i looked it up and damon eventually comes back because with out the vampire diarie’s best and most sexy character nobody would watch this amazing show.

  • ally

    I swear my heart just shattered into 67385445869849829987349861239123098 peices >_<

  • idrell

    how the hell u take damion out

  • idrell

    no damion ,no vampire diaries

  • Oouugirl

    WHYY!?! Damon is prob the main reason this show has so many views…all these thirsty ass women, including myself. Cried like a little biiaitch. I love you too Damon now come back to me sugar