The Vampire Diaries S6E22 I’m Thinking Of You All The While

Posted By CouchTuner On May 15, 2015





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  • Caz

    the ending scene it looks like those six witch vampire hybrids been having alittle killing spree going on there!!

    The scenes of Elena with everyone was bittersweet. Finally after so many seasons, Elena gives up something she values for the benefit of someone else, other than bonnie sacrificing everything all the time! Not that its about keeping score, far from it, but that scene with Elena, Bonnie and Caroline, that speech, it made me think of that moment where Elena was facing off against Elijah and stabbed herself in the gut to protect her friends, her family and everyone she cared about, she would sacrificed her own wellbeing if it meant that all she loved were safe. Nice call back Julie! :)

  • Zoolfakar

    Finally!!!! The show is heading back on track… Good to know Elena will eventually return somehow…maybe even if there is a season 8

    • lolz

      no, i dont think she’ll return, she quit the show

  • ada

    bad doggy hahahaha…..cnt bliv i like dis kai guy