The Vampire Diaries S6E21 I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime

Posted By CouchTuner On May 8, 2015





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  • Nisha Stark

    I cannot! I just cannot believe they would leave us hanging like that. Total bull. Why is Kai so vindictive. I thought he had compassion.

    • kiichan

      I thought Kai had finally got some compassion too! I think feeding 5 other vampire/witches in the dimensional world made him loose what little he had gained. I really wish he would have at least waited till they kissed you know!

  • Tifa Chattin

    Knew they’d kill her off. Damon turns human then Elena just leaves town? Naw. Only option since Damon’s on next season was to kill her before he turned human. Just wish they would have left some suspense and not announced her departer till after the season ended. Buzz kill.

    • ade

      if he becomes human than who will help the other with kyle and the witches are coming and on top of that demon and steven crazy mother is alive and shes trying to get her “family” back which she believes that those witches are her family. DEMON can’t be human because the show won’t be show if he’s human. I can’t imaging him as human, how would he act, what would he do, can he get alone with the neighbors, how he defend his family, what if his crazy mother comes after them and kills them because they cant defend themselves, there are to many questions….

      Please don’t let him be human. The only reason i watch this show is because of him, ONLY HIM…. and Ian Somerhalder should be marrying Nina Dobro not her best friend, ION if your reading this thing about how much it will hart nina if you get marry to her best friend, the only one person she tell her life too, and that has been their for her 24/7 will be taking away from her and on top of that she lose’s you too, the one guy she loves and thing about her and dreams about. If you get marry to her best friend he will lose both of you and she will leave the show and there will be NO MORE VAMPIRE DIARIES and she will be hurt her. I don’t know why you too broke up, but every relationship has drama and what you can do is fix it instead of running away from it. Nine please don’t leave the show because your the one who is making money and having fun, and on top of that your letting your fans down because your hurt, your actor right so act like you don’t give fuck about them too and ion doesn’t deserve you, find someone who does and wants to be with you for the rest of your life, I love you and your the only one who takes me go through my day please don’t damage our relationship

      love ade

      • Tifa Chattin

        Are you delusional? How the fuck do you think you have any say in an actors personal life lol. Maybe Google a little too if you are gonna have an opinion. He asked Nina to marry him and she said no. She it’s her fault. Also he’s already married to Nikki Reed. Done deal. As a fan of the show I’m sad to see her go but she herself has said its not because of him. She wouldn’t do more than 6 seasons either way. It’s his life, it’s her life, leave them alone. Crazy fan girls man sheesh.

  • Yvonne Tjy

    intense ending….wow kai look so good!

  • Brittany Lopez

    Doesn’t Damon know he’ll die from old in a matter of months like kathrine did?

    • Tifa Chattin

      Only if someone takes the cure from him. Katherine didn’t start dying till sylas drank the cure out of her blood