The Vampire Diaries S6E18 I Never Could Love Like That

Posted By CouchTuner On April 17, 2015





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  • Lynn Ivins

    I wonder how many breaks we have to wait to see what happens next?!

  • Caz

    Really Julie Plec?!?! you go against the rule YOU made up in the beginning?
    You cant be a witch AND a vampire? But i guess you broke that rule with Klaus and Hayley’s hybrid daughter, Hope, why not a energy witch vampire sucker?
    This show continues to give me a headache….and yet im compelled to watch….
    it be pretty stupid of damon to give elena the cure now, when they need all hands on deck more than ever!!
    I bet Bonnie is gonna kick herself in the ass when she realizes her betrayal of Kai, only just shot herself and her friends in the foot with that move.

    • Tyler Davies

      Elena has left or is leaving the show. Of course something like that is going to happen. And I Imagen shes going to take the cure and run off somewhere. Or about to take the cure and die. So quit whining

      • streamonline

        Elena is leaving the show after this season, its been officially confirmed,

      • Caz

        I’m entitled to write my opinion and thats not whining, when pointing a fact, from past episodes, where once Rebekah explained to Elena, “You cant be a witch and a vampire, you can be one or the another, never both”.

        • Tyler Davies

          Well your complaining about a show which originally was about Wolves and Vampires. THEN all of a sudden theres a way for someone to be a WOLF and a VAMPIRE. OH what a coincidence, they go against everything they ever said in the very first place. Your moaning about a show that does things like this purposely to create new storylines.

  • Settled

    The song played when damon and elena are in the parking lot, whats its name?

    • Michelle Davis

      When You sleep by Mary Lambert . Get Shazam for your phone it can identify any song.