The Strain Season 1 Episode 11 The Third Rail

Posted By CouchTuner On September 22, 2014




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  • Hans Gruber

    At Sandia National Labs they developed a weapon – a high-power UV laser. The intended use is to aim it at aircraft from a safe distance and the UV light is so powerful, it causes high density polymers like O-rings to deteriorate and fail, even if they are located deeply inside the engines.

    But it would be the perfect thing for killing vampires!

    • Not a fan

      Very interesting fact, thank you. I however think this show will not continue. Bad actin, is bad acting. Its to bad too, because this show showed potential

      • from562

        you’re wrong it will continue

        • Not a fan

          i hope your right, considering the horrible reviews its getting.

          • from562

            What horrible reviews IMDB and both give it an 8 not the best but surely not horrible lol… you must just not like it personally or just want to troll

      • from562

        and wow really made an account just for the sole purpose of saying that

        • Not a fan

          and yes i did, JUST FOR YOU =D

    • johnnyp miller

      used only now in rectal surgery

  • johnnyp miller

    hans you said he was going to get a bike

  • Brandon K

    ..this show is starting to suck really badly

  • orsonhinds

    As far as I can tell, while these idiots build their little light rays, New York, full of vampires as we are now supposed to believe it is, seems to be getting along just fine.

    Call me stupid (I’ve been called much worse) but I just don’t get it.

    I want BLOOD, everywhere. End of the world stuff, cats and dogs living together – mass hysteria!