The Strain S2E2 By Any Means

Posted By CouchTuner On July 20, 2015





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  • Kallian K

    Hello, I hope it wasn’t too much of a strain getting here! :P

    • The7Reaper

      If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have seen the ending :D thank you.

      • Kallian K

        My pleasure, glad to help. :)

    • dartheric

      thanks for the extra 6 min. endding

      • Kallian K

        No problem. :)

  • Wes Brown

    There is terrible acting throughout the entire series so there is no wonder in my mind why they were not going to start a new season. It seems to be too much like a generic “the walking dead”. Some of the things that the characters do or say doesn’t make sense or timing is bad such as when the son (I don’t know his name) is getting upset with the father it just seems so out of place the kid before all of this didn’t give a damn about his fathers work and considering his age he wouldn’t completely understand what his father is trying to do and why the hell is the kid so upset and what’s up with the bad attitude? I understand about his mother but really? It contradicts because he wants to know this and that and he knows this and that but why does he not understand about his mother that she is gone one way or another and if he does understand then wouldn’t he understand that she is gone really there is so many holes in this story its ridiculous but even with all that is wrong with the series I am still watching it mainly because the plot seems to be pretty good and so I try to over look the bad acting, stupid dialogue and bad effects.

  • dartheric

    why do the blind kids walk like spiders and click ?