The Simpsons S3E9

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 25, 2015



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  • ktuner

    Unwatchable with the automatic audio ads that play every three minutes!

    • ForwardEarth

      Why the hell don’t you know about AdBlock?

    • Dummy solutions

      abp add blocker plus being around for years and is free look for it in google store apps and problem solve

  • LT. Doaks

    popup blocker stops all of that or you could subscribe and just pay for it legally.

  • ktuner

    1)I have a pop up blocker, it won’t prevent those from playing.
    2) pay for it legally… Versus paying for it illegally?

  • Hans Gruber

    There’s a new hole in Brujo.

  • me=hacksterLvl9

    i use adblock and ghostery …..

  • Lee Walton

    It works fine, get a grip! And to those who keep talking about Adblock plus, it’s cool you use it, I also do, but if you see someone mention it already in the comments, you don’t need to say it also. This kind of advice should go without saying!
    Once again, everybody…
    Get a grip…..

  • Darren

    this show just gets better :o)