The Simpsons S25E2

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 24, 2015


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  • Justin Cronkright

    Oh shit I was wondering what was wrong.. they’re using the incorrect Thanks-Giving.

  • ayami

    sucks they skipped the actual episode that was supposed to air tonight :/ this is supposed to be episode 5 not episode 4. hope we get to see the episode they skipped. idk y they just dont air the ep. just because it has to do with the atks doesnt mean they need skip it. i would wanna watch it.

  • Caz

    I thought i heard Cat Grant call Kara “Keira” at one point or is my ears deceiving me?? oh yeah what happened to ep 4??

  • Morphas

    The name is not right, this episode name is “Livewire”

  • Nathan Klejman

    Agent Mulder ahahahhah

  • kiichan

    how would ‘livewire’ have such a good hold on her powers so soon!

    so not realistic

    • joe

      And a super powered person from another planet is realistic?

      • kiichan

        supergirl grew up with her power so she had time to figure things out with her power, and of course in the real world there’s no such thing as a kryptonian but that’s bc were dealing with the DC/Marvel universe. Livewire was doing all her troublesome activity within a week or so ish. but to be fair, it all fits better in one episode so i forgive it lol

  • kiichan

    if that was me just finding out about my dad, that would seriously make me motivated to get to the bottom of things!

  • IamhotUArnot

    Has this show dropped the feminist “womyn” claptrap yet or is it still going full bore with that tedious nonsense?

    • joe

      Well, you’re obviously still tedious.

      • IamhotUArnot

        I was trying to post this on the latest episode and 5 popped up after I had posted on 4. If you think I am the only one that they went way overboard then you should check out the reviews of the leaked pilot. You could kill 1000 baby seals with how much that show beat you over the head with “I am a girl hear me roar.”

        • Lisa

          Supergirl has the largest viewing audience of any new TV show this season. So your rant is irrelevant.

          • IamhotUArnot

            Uhhh….no they don’t. They have had huge ratings droppings every week so far. I doubt the show will even get to season 2. They should have left the superhero shows to CW…..CBS simply can’t do them correctly.

  • blink -.-

    Heroes Season 1 had better CGI than this show. D: