The Simpsons S24E3

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 24, 2015


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  • Hans Gruber

    Sounded like Glenn at the end.

    • sistahfromanotherplanet

      Simple rule of “walking dead.” If they didn’t croak in front of you, they didn’t croak. I’m still holding out hope until they confirm.

      • Caz

        ditto :)

      • raneanubis

        Carol’s kid?

  • sistahfromanotherplanet

    Sashbraham? Abrasha? I do not ship this pairing.

  • Yunomedude

    R.I.P. Daryl’s Crossbow. For now you are in the hands of an idiot who doesn’t know how to use you.

    • Caz

      gotta feeling Daryl is gonna find his crossbow sooner or later he always does. That crossbow is the closest thing to a romance lol

      • Yunomedude

        Just like Michonne finding her katana

  • freestylinyoshi

    So…Did she really just try to place flowers next to their heads, and then lay down in-between them….

    • Caz

      clearly these survivors left standing a getting stupider and stupider! Seriously girl stab em in the head first and then lay down the flowers #rollseyes

  • blink -.-

    WTF??? that voice at the end!!!

  • Tracy Williams Jr


  • Nana

    Impossible to get on “couchtuner la”… episode 7 has been uploaded last Sunday… an hour after diffusion…
    WTH, can’t get back on my usual channel… No address… is there a problem, or am I the only one having difficulties??

    • streamonline
      • Nana

        Thank you thank you thank you :))

    • hatestupidity

      Yep… 7 is out but not here!!!
      (is that your picture on your avatar or a pic from the net… just asking)

      • Nana

        Luckily I saw ep.07 on another Couchtuner channel (thanks to Bellatrix), more reliable. And yes, that’s me. Why?

        • hatestupidity

          Sweet eyes ;)

  • BananaKing

    Is daryl ever gonna get any pussy in this show??