The Simpsons S19E10

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 25, 2015



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  • Hans Gruber

    Let’s effectively ban all firearms but allow other weapons designed to kill, like daggers, throwing stars and swords.

    • Matty

      guns were not banned to stop killing of people, but protect traditions

      • Reggie

        My family has a tradition of hunting, skeet shooting, and shooting our pistols at the gun range. I got my first gun when I was 12. Oh wait – lets just allow the criminals to have guns right?

        • Matty

          Agree on family traditions, however not banning guns because you dont just want criminals to have them is ridiculous.

          The number of criminals with guns will be dramatically lower because they will be harder to obtain and out of all gun deaths how many are by criminals and how many of those cases were they stopped by the public?

    • sistahfromanotherplanet

      Granted, it’s a silly premise, but I like the notion that some dumbass thought that banning guns would end violence. They just chop each other to bits instead.

      • Matty

        End violence no, reduce it yes. Just like bombs being banned reduces violence, chemical warfare etc.

      • Jon Melkier

        Its actually more honourable to face someone with a hand to hand weapon requiring skill to weild than aiming a ranged weapon at them that only requires you to point and shoot.

        Learning Martial Arts for self defence aswell, I agree it would be a better world without guns and other ranged weapons and before you say well they have throwing darts, they can be parried with a sword or shield.

  • Hoid

    you mean learn fake martial arts lol.Fighting never looks like this,but it’s fun to watch in movies.

  • Hoid

    so are these people magic.?They do these ridiculous martial arts of magic proportions and I was suppose to think the kid who bled and did the same shit they do impressive or something lol.