The Simpsons S18E9

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 25, 2015



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  • Julie T

    Such a good show. I hope they continue for more seasons.

    • qwerty

      hey miss julie. how have you been? i havent seen you forever on the “other couchtuner sites, i had given up hope on you. im glad to see you are still watching and posting. i see you are still posting your paintings.

      • Julie T

        Do I know you?

        • qwerty

          we used to talk on the other couchtuner a long time ago.
          before freddy hills was being a jerk. i always admired your honesty and the way you stuck up for yourself, against the anti semites, and the woman bashers. i had assumed that you moved to one of the sattilite sites to avoid the jerks.

        • qwerty

          you know i dont understand all the grief you get. why should they get on you for having different opinions than them. ?
          wow, im really sorry you catch that kind of guff.
          you inspire me with your willingness to stand up to bullies.
          i got blocked the other day for protesting anti semitic hate speech on couchtuner eu.
          i finally wrote the anti defamation leauge to complain, so the site blocked me.
          but they did erase all evidence of the hate speech, and now deny doing it.
          so,, little victory.

  • GaryGuillermo

    The virgin queen is a beauty . . . as was the wife before . . . the King’s wife is a dog (shouldn’t he have the most beautiful woman in the kingdom?)