The Shannara Chronicles S1E4 Changeling

Posted By CouchTuner On January 7, 2016





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  • Derrick Beatty

    So im taking this was leaked along with episode 3 as this episode wasn’t supposed to air until the 19th, oh well still gonna watch.

    • Billionaire

      I hope they leak them all. I love this show.

    • Half A. Brain

      It was not leaked. MTV intentionally released the next two episodes after the premiere (1 & 2) through some promotion with their app.

      • Derrick Beatty

        Ah OK if i recall i remember them doing that with Teen Wolf a while back.

  • Hoid

    these woman empowerment shows are always funny.You have these 115 lb woman beating mens asses which is hilarious and then another woman has to come to the rescue because the guy is just to weak to handle such a powerfull woman lol.

    • sdffas

      if only the motivity would fit more often it would be way more belivable :-) (not spezific for that show).