The Shannara Chronicles S1E1-2 Chosen, Part 1-2

Posted By CouchTuner On January 6, 2016





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  • ThisShowSucks

    this show sucks

    • shut the hell up

      next time stick ur had up ur ass and keep it there

  • IamhotUArnot

    LOTR manages to make elves look both good looking yet ethereal and respectable……..this show makes all their elves look like a high school football team and cheerleading squad. And nice costume design shitheads. Those same exact pair of jeans are on the rack at WalMart, guess you couldn’t be bothered to even try and hide it even a little bit.

    • Funjelly

      you have to realize that this is a tv show and not some blockbuster movie. so ya there is a big difference in budget.

      • IamhotUArnot

        I’ve seen better costume production from those weekly SciFi channel movies they pump out. That is just sad when Asylum puts more effort into it. I don’t expect Game of Thrones level quality but I do expect them to hide obvious things like back pockets that literally identify which brand a pair of jeans is.

        The elves looking like a high school squad is clearly a conscious design decision on their part. They all have the “unkempt” style hair that is popular right now. I realize that its geared towards teeny boppers being that its MTV but they could give people at least some credit to their audience and not feel the need to dress them all up like catalog models.

        • Hans Gruber

          This is post-apocalyptic. Who’s to say they didn’t get all their clothes from ancient human JC Pennys?

  • Joe

    this show better get better cuz so far its boring af. could have used another hour or better writing/editing.

  • Elfquest

    I like it. Yes, the elves are a bit generic, but I’m finding it fun thus far. It’s hard to take me eyes off of Will. That man is beautiful.

  • Carl Maciqnotisha

    The first 26 minutes of this episode was ok. Then a lot started happening so soon it felt super rushed. Oh well.

  • sdfsd

    I wish the cast were more like the book. Can’t have everything, though. :)

  • LoLDude

    arghh 5 minutes in and im facing a elven FRAT BOY with a hairjob straitght from a gay hollywood coffieur.

  • Hans Gruber

    From the same dude that brought us Smallville and Into The Badlands.

    The Dwarf from LOTR plays the head Elf here.

    I thought Elves were incapable of lying. Oh, wait, that’s Vulcans.

  • g

    This show is awesome !

  • Billionaire


  • Darren

    love the show , the effects and the story but arican accets on Elfs just does not work. Got to say the choice for durid is a great one :)

    • sdffas

      story sounds strange …. they talk about folklore and noone belives it and say the war was 30 years ago later on WTF (there are still helicopters and old cars from 1000 of years around and they remember but 30 years is to long^^)

  • Pat Wellheuser

    Ok so have any of you whiners actually read the Shannara series?…No? Thought not.. read the books, make exceptions for poetic license. Realize that Terry Brooks (the Author) had input and ok’d what they did and either enjoy the show as it is or move on for gods sakes. Also realize that as it was pointed out this is TV and not big screen where throwing a couple hundred million at costumes, sets, actors ect is nothing when expecting even bigger returns. Also Darrem its Elves not Elfs