The Shannara Chronicles – An Introduction

Posted By CouchTuner On December 23, 2015






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  • Hans Gruber

    For a minute there I thought this was a show about an 80′s retro “do-wop” group.

  • elainehatchell

    Iam looking forward to this show. It looks really interesting.

    • The Mynxie One

      I am using my magic powers. They tell me you play LoL. Am I right? I knew it! :P

      • elainehatchell

        No I don’t play but I do spectate the hell out of it. And Elise is one of my favorite champions. And Meteos is my favorite player.

  • IDoNoKno

    So basically MTV hired a mind reader and stole the concept of this show from me then hired a time traveler to give it to Terry Brooks and he wrote a book about it, basically …it’s the perfect crime!

  • Boringgarbage

    come on more elfin magic crap…stick to making cookies in your treehouse …LoTR and now
    hollow already did this to the end with demons and magic blah blah blah , stop tryin to cash in on it …it
    wont work losers … rather watch ash kick deadite butt

  • The Mynxie One

    I can’t wait!! Seems like it will be a kick ass show. I swear if I get into it and it gets canceled I will go postal on MTV lol. jk, but really sick of shows I love getting canceled.