The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 15 Chocolate Does a Body Good

Posted By CouchTuner On March 2, 2015





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  • TeamEric

    Omg Peter, and Cynthia ….if y’all say Phaedra’s business doesn’t have anything to do with y’all…umm why is her name and business all in y’all’s mouth every episode…

  • Mulania Mcgowen

    Karma is a BITCH!! The whole TIME! Fakedra and her “crew” were spreading malicious rumours about Kenya sending inappropriate text messages to Appollo, saying she offered Appollo fellatio, saying how she met him in LA, calling Kenya out her name, calling her Kenya Moorhore and all of them stupid bitches believed it because they hate Kenya for no reason that makes any sense. For two years the woman had to endure her name being dragged through the mud and people looking at her like she’s a tramp and now, when text messages come out about Fakedra having an affair with someone called “chocolate” she wants people to give her the benefit of the doubt. Bitch, please. Christian woman my ass. She’s such a fucking hypocrite, I can’t even stand her. She wants to act like she’s all religious, how “God” is her strength and how “Jesus” gon’ fix everything and she’s the first one to throw a stone and spit in her neighbours face. She’s a liar and she’s sick in her head. I can’t stand that bitch. Every time someone calls her out she’s the first person to run for the door, but when it comes to attacking someone she’s right there at the forefront. It is double standards. She is so full of dog shit. She’s not worth it. And NoNo and Poorshit continue to get on my damn nerve. Claudia extended an olive branch to Poorshit so they could be cordial at WORK! and she’s still acting like a cunt. No one’s asking to be best friends with you you dumb bitch LOL! MY DAYS!!! That knuckle head is so freakin’ dumb. Just sooooo freakin’ DUMB! I can’t even stand it. She’s the biggest hore out of them all! She might be working, but attracting rich men to spend money on her is the only way she can afford the high life. If it wasn’t for her looks, that bitch would starve boy. I understand how hurt Kenya is, but she needs to let it go now. We got Fakedra’s number. It’s not nice when it’s happening to you, is it now. Karma bitch.

  • TexPlant

    phaedra looking a bit chubby

  • FunnyBunny

    OF COURSE there was malicious intent,Cynthia orherwise why even bring it up, at the dinner table no less….so stop lying. OMG Peter wannabe housewife and Cynthia wannabe relevant, ugh so annoying. #rude

  • c73eola

    I’m so disappointed in Cynthia. She and Nene were my favorites. I gave up on Nene at the start of the season. , I have no favorite now and I’m just watching.