The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 13 The Countdown Begins

Posted By CouchTuner On February 9, 2015





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  • Rhennaa

    The irony of Kandi wearing that shirt whilst crying is hilarious

  • Mulania Mcgowen

    It is so frustrating to keep watching Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia and every other woman apologise to Poorshit, Fakedra and NoNo when they’re not the ones in the wrong. And when they apologise it makes them bitches think they’re hot shit and that those who apologise should be grateful. I’m just sick and tired of watching everybody always saying sorry, like seriously. ENOUGH OF THE BULLSHIT! Freakin’ women are in their 30′s and 40′s (Claudia looks freakin’ amazing for someone who is 41. Seriously?) why are they behaving so stupid and immature? They keep going on and on and on like they’re so wise and philosophical but the next minute, they’re trying to diss a person’s hair, the clothes they wear all these bumboclart material things that DO NOT EVEN MATTER! The fact that they’re a certain age and supposedly don’t have a career or a husband so that makes them a loser. They sound so fucking dumb it just angers me. Like they really think all that shit matters. That a woman LIVES! to have a husband. That’s some marriages end in divorce because they settled. Not in terms of attraction. But compatibility. As long as a man asks your hand in marriage, that somehow validates a woman’s worth. Like you’re nothing unless someone claims you. So freakin’ dumb.I swear, you can’t teach someone common sense and you cannot teach them decency. NoNo will always be a bitch, Fakedra will always be a hypocrite and Poorshit will always be the dumbest bitch of the group. I hope Kenya has a successful career. Watching her, I see that she is very theatrical, sarcastic and yes, sometimes she does stir the pot, but when things have gone down and she goes to tell someone about it, I’ve never known her to embellish the story (except that fight in the reunion when she left out a few details). She’s shown vulnerability and a caring nature and I do believe she is genuine. Those bitches are just hating because Kenya’s the only black woman who doesn’t need to buy grade A hair under the table to look fabulous. Try again NoNo!