The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 11 Divide and Ki-Ki

Posted By CouchTuner On January 19, 2015





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  • Mulania Mcgowen

    Poorshit gets on my damn nerve. All these rich people Poorshit keeps hanging out with, so called “friends” and not one them wants to buy her a dictionary. There’s nothing worse than an idiot trying to make a comeback. She sounds as dumb as she looks. Rather than spend money on material things she’ll do best to go back to school. That shit was so funny the way they kept her saying contradictory. EH!! the correct word is, “contradiction” dumb ass. I’m GLAAAD!! Claudia stands upto that scumbag, NeNe. Look at NeNe trying to make out like she’s better than everyone because she’s performing on Broadway. Broadway is losing it’s cred if they’re just putting anyone on the stage now. What’s next? Tramps? Oh yea, I forgot. NeNe’s going to perform. Just letting talentless people in now. That bitch has no class, no taste and her cold shoulder shirts look absolutely ridiculous. Looks like a tent with holes. Obviously your hair isn’t glued to your head, that’s why it’s called a ‘hair hat’. You don’t glue hats to your head love. Girl, bye! You and Poorshit. Demi was amazing. Kandi didn’t sound half as good when she was performing live in A Mother’s Love. So she just needs to shut the hell up and stop hating. She’s starting to piss me off with her foolishness. Two faced heffer!