The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 10 Puerto Read-Co!

Posted By CouchTuner On January 12, 2015





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  • Rhennaa

    14:58 omggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TeamEric

    Omg….I live for mrs nene…..” Your clit has left your body….” Phrase of 2015

  • TexPlant

    NeNe is pure uneducated trash!!

  • Mulania Mcgowen

    I can’t ssstand Nene’s ass! That woman really thinks she’s hot shit. Any time she gets cussed, she talks about her money in the bank. I never believed it when my people told me ‘money can’t buy you everything’ until I took one look at Nene’s fugly a** face for the first time. ‘I’ almost had an aneurysm. Hair and make up is supposed enhance your beauty not emphasis your ugly. That weave done ate up all her hair that’s why she’s been rocking the same short, front, back and sides for years! Under that wig are two strands of hair fighting for survival! The woman got offered a job as the step-mother in Cinderella. That’s why your manager mentioned it last. B**** knew they were saying something cos she didn’t want to do it. Grown woman and she’s acting like a damn fool in high school. B*** you are too old and dried up to pull off that young girl game. Sit your ugly behind down and knit something. Talking about Claudia’s clit left her body when yours melted off from sour p****. Poorshit and Fakedra giggling like the retards they are. I can’t stand those fucking bitches. Just shut up! Poorshit lucky she has her looks for now, because she is dumb as f*** yo. I nearly died when she thought the underground railroad was an actual railroad. I guess her civil rights grandfather gave up educating her once he realised she was dunce. People are laughing at her all the time, but of course, she’s too stupid to know that. And Fakedra with her so-called Christian self. Girl, please. She really thinks herself something special. I don’t know who does her make up, but they are making easy money making her look like booboo the clown. Her arms make me want to throw up. I’ve never seen an arm look muscular and flabby all at the same time. Pick one! She makes me sick to my back teeth! I WISH! I could cuss her ass OUT! Nene talking about she stripped to feed her child now she’s putting it out there that she actually loved it. Of course you did Nene, cos you’re the only hoe on the show. I can still hear the affects bjs left on your throat. Been sucking so many crusty d*** to make that money, that’s why your lips looking all smacked up and droopy like a horse. She knew she had to turn away from Claudia to give herself time to up with a comeback. She’s so weak. Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia and Kandi all came to have a good time, as soon as they sat down, NeNe, Poorshit and Fakedra just had to bring that bulls****. Why they even go to Puerto Rico? Small rooms for ugly as bitches. They really need to humble themselves and stop raising their noses. Nene knows she can’t talk to Kandi about money cos Kandi would shut that shit DOWN! Don’t talk about money when you’re not the highest roller at the table bitch. Compared to Kandi that’s a shopping trip. Fucking racist bitch. Acting like her ancestors didn’t get ass raped by a Plantation owner. If her blood line was so black African, she wouldn’t look like someone had milk added to their coffee. COW! I can’t STAND HER! She needs to humble herself. Acting like she’s something special. PLEASE!

    • Cookie_Jones

      SHHIIITTTT BIH YOU WENT IN!!! Preach on girl. “Poorshit and Fakedra” you had me LMAO for 5 minutes straight!
      I wasn’t surprised at all by Nene’s behavior, same ole ratchet ass! The one I actually feel sorry for is Poorsha and her dumb gold-digging-ass, clueless than a muhfuh thinking Nene is her friend. CHILE I can’t wait til Nene kicks her out of the cheerleading team.
      And Kandi over there saying she’s neutral, when she is the one stirring and instigating all this bullshit! Too faced heffer! And why she’s shading Demetria like that?! Kandi better give Demetria the lead role on her musical, cuz homegirl can blow! Damn she sounds better than Kandi.
      I hope you comment/rant on the next episode :)