The Originals Season 2 Episode 9 The Map of Moments

Posted By CouchTuner On December 9, 2014





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  • YAY


  • Caz

    Wow!!! Gobsmacked!! and we have to wait until January 19th 2015 for the next ep…god im gonna go nuts lol

    • Tess

      Oh wow! It’s like my very own birthday preasent :) YAY ME!

      • Caz

        dont leave out xmas pressies all in one from this ep!! :D

  • Tessa

    Nooo my precious little Esther is a vampire now? I cannot believe this crap… She will rise again soon enough :)

    • Caz

      Esther can still be a thorn in klaus’ side as a vampire. But Im happy she cant hurt them by using magic but doesnt mean she isnt less of a threat still

      • Tessa

        Yeah she is still a real threat doesn’t matte what happen BUT I think that she will become a witch again by the help of her one and only obidient son,Finn

        • Caz

          True theres still the possibility of Finn body jumping her into another body of a witch….but right now as far as we know Finn thinks his mother is still alive…but i think it be interesting to see Esther being the thing that she hates the most …. maybe help her relate to her children better perhaps??

  • Tess

    Wow! Just wow!

  • Jessica Thomas

    Well, that was a GREAT episode :O

  • Caz

    Never thought I see the day when Elijah, Klaus, Marcel, Davina, Hayley and Rebekah all working together to keep Cami safe and stop Esther hahaha …. if they only knew that Kol screwed them over and locked Rebekah away in that wretched cursed house…..only in the mikaelson family drama of course lol. Love this show!!! :D

  • sassan

    Hope is a happy baby :)

  • Kute Tallest

    oh wow didn’t see that coming!


    season finale ;[

  • Pusa25

    I still prefer rebeccas body

  • Harmya

    Great episode indeed! But still find it hard to stomach Davina’s stupidity! She could magic herself a brain…

  • Harmya

    January 19th… waouh, I hate it when the producers do that :(

  • Berniceanne

    I didn’t see it coming! Great episode as always!;) Kol, Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus and Marcel helping each other, awesome!;) can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Stephanie Jones

    Wheres episode 10??