The Originals Season 2 Episode 8 The Brothers That Care Forgot

Posted By CouchTuner On November 25, 2014





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  • Caz

    Davina really needs to learn her freaking lesson already!! Stop trying to kill Klaus! Feeling the strong impulse to give that witch a slap to wake up and smell the bigger picture aka Esther or well the threat of Dahlia!!

    Recalling an old saying of Klaus “Young or Old, Dead or Alive, Witches are a pain in the ass!”

    • Jazz

      Told you the witch needs to die. She is a petulant brat drunk on her own power.

      • Caz

        I dont want Davina to die … she’s annoying yes…i just wanna see her lose and fall flat on her face and realize wanting to kill klaus isnt gonna solve her problems…sure kol is on her side now…..but what happens AFTER kol gets what he wants?

        I wanna see her character evolve from this angry angsty emo kid on a power trip thinking she’s a major player …true shes a wildcard to what esther’s plan is yada yada…. but all the stunts Davina is pulling is just a bee sting to klaus compared to the huge impending swarm of the mother lode that is esther, mikael and perhaps dahlia.

        Either way im enjoying the snarky comments between Davina and Klaus….i really wanna see an ep where they have to forcibly have to work together just the two of them hehehe can you imagine the hilarity involved??

  • GiGi

    He said you need me dont you (with a smirk) did i really lose. haha i fuckin love Klaus!!!

  • GiGi

    Who doesnt need Klaus He is The Man!!! I need Klaus in my life too! lol (i swear he MAKES this show) i fucken love him and his attitudes, and facial expression lol

  • Caz

    Romeo and Romeo…..nawww loving #Jaiden!! :D #thefeels :D <3 <3

  • pebbles

    Klaus is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TvShowFanatic

      very & so is Elijah. Kol is too now that he has a new body.

  • Crazy Wooo

    what an awesome episode
    i knew Elijah is not the same .. things only gonna get bad for him from now on
    and Klaus you awesome u .. u r the reason i watch this show
    i feel really bad for vine i think he is a victim not a villain…
    and kol what are u up to man there is no way he is good now

  • Agate Companon

    watch here The Originals 2×8 “The Brothers That Care Forgot” ►

  • Jessica Thomas

    Davina is really annoying me, that it’s coming to the point where I want her dead! Esther is bloody trying to kill and change everyone around their area, yet she’s wronging about killing KLAUS???? Are you serious! I want to slap some sense into her! WAKE UP GIRL and see the bloody bigger picture!

  • lucy

    Klaus is the coolest person on this show, that bit at the end was so badass, this is the klaus i love. he just kicks ass every episode and looks awesome while doing it. Nothing is going to ever touch that daughter with Klaus as her dad hahahaha id like to see anyone try haha

  • Berniceanne

    Klaus and his unconditional love for Hope. Good to see Rebekah;)